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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Year Without - Day 9

Busy day at home today. I actually got to sleep in until 6:30 this morning. That was pretty nice! The kids wanted oat bran for breakfast. Good thing we haven't run out of that yet! Unfortunately, we have run out of my dairy-free soy-free butter-substitute, which made it less enjoyable for me. Oh, well. I will make it to the store one of these days.

B has had some stinky, runny poops today. I wonder if that was part of Sammy's problem with not going to the bathroom at music class yesterday.

I spent pretty much the whole morning cleaning up for repairmen who were coming after lunch. Every room of the house was a disaster. We got the main floor looking pretty nice, and shoved the toys back to the kids' side of the basement to make a path to the mechanical room in the basement. We had a heater checkup, during which the guy also checked out our humidifier (which we had turned off for making really strange whining noises) and said he couldn't find anything wrong with it, except for the pad needing changed. The appliance repair guy also came this afternoon, fixed the burned-out oven heating element (apparently when they die, that is how they go, and I didn't have anything to do with it, except that I was the one who happened to turn it on.) He also fixed our bum icemaker and didn't charge me. The tube that brings water in from the back of the freezer was frozen over. Nothing was busted like we thought. All he did was took out that tube, ran it under warm water, and replaced it. Wish I had known that 2 years ago!!! He will come back in a couple of days to fix the washer and dryer, which are 11 years old and not behaving entirely correctly.

If you are in my city and need an appliance repair guy, I highly recommend him. He was very friendly, and his rates were great! Sam at Citywide Appliance Service

After he left, I decided it was too late to run any errands, so I washed 4 loads of laundry, and we went to bed.

Nothing exciting going on here. (Which is just fine with me!)

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