My how time flies!

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Us on tour

We are about to begin the annual trek southward. As usual it will be pretty busy and chaotic. If you are in Dallas, Houston, Baton Rouge, or anywhere along the way, and want to see us, send me an email.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Amanda's twins

Check out Amanda's famous babies! (The diapers are pretty cool, too, by the way. Although I'm not sure I could get used to all the hooks!)


Katie loves to pick out clothes. Her own, and everyone else's too. She has a pretty good sense of style, too. You should have seen the pretty blouse she picked out for Daddy to wear to work today! ;)

She also wanted to wear these barrettes that match her outfit so bad, she actually sat still long enough for me to brush the tangles out of her hair AND put it up in pigtails. This is quite a feat, as usually I am brushing her hair on the run... literally! As she is running away from me!

When I tried to take her picture, her brother jumped in front of the camera. (I don't know where he gets that from!!! LOL!) I finally was able to convince him to stand next to her instead of in front of her!

Mom's group kids

Katie in her "movie star glasses." What is it with this girl and being in a box???

While I had the camera out, I figured I'd better get the other kids, too. They are all growing too fast. Before we know it they will be in school or something!

They all had fun playing in the water table. (Katie drenched herself, which is why she took her clothes off).

I really like this picture of Morgan.

Katie took this one!

I am sorry

I must apologize to my husband for making him sound like an unreasonable clod in the last post. I was not at all trying to do that... and he most certainly is not. I was just trying to express my utter frustration at my inability to get a single meal on the table that everyone can eat and will enjoy AND will not make anyone ill or itchy or dead!

Also to everyone who responded, for not responding back. We've been having some awesome weather here, and consequently I am usually supervizing munchkins in the back yard and not upstairs on the computer.