My how time flies!

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Friday, June 13, 2008


Katie loves to pick out clothes. Her own, and everyone else's too. She has a pretty good sense of style, too. You should have seen the pretty blouse she picked out for Daddy to wear to work today! ;)

She also wanted to wear these barrettes that match her outfit so bad, she actually sat still long enough for me to brush the tangles out of her hair AND put it up in pigtails. This is quite a feat, as usually I am brushing her hair on the run... literally! As she is running away from me!

When I tried to take her picture, her brother jumped in front of the camera. (I don't know where he gets that from!!! LOL!) I finally was able to convince him to stand next to her instead of in front of her!


elle said...

That looks a lot like a set I got my goddaughter from the Children's Place. I love most of their stuff!!

Mathochist said...

Yup, same set! I like their stuff a lot too. I had to order Sammy some summer clothes and jeans because he caught up in size to his hand-me-down cousin so we don't get hand-me-downs any more. But the girl clothes were so cute I couldn't resist buying some stuff for K, too!