My how time flies!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I love Katie's new outfit that she picked out at the store. She picked out her new shoes as well. You can't tell from the photo, but the silver part is totally glitter and sparkles all the way across the room.

When I let her pick out a bow, Sammy insisted on picking one out, too.

Katie got her new glasses yesterday. She keeps ripping them off her face saying, "No No No!" I am surprised she kept them on long enough to take a few photos. I am also surprised at what she decided to wear today. It's so not girly.

MawMaw mailed us the lego-style blocks that Sammy got for his first Christmas but we left at her house. They fit very nicely on the table she bought him on one of her visits here.


Sammy is getting very tall. His 2T stuff is all too short for him now. Shirts and pants both.

Today as we were getting out of the truck, for some reason he decided to comment, "My be tall like Daddy. Katie's short like penguins." (He has been using "my" for "I" and "me" as well as for "my" the past week or so. But I have no idea where the short like penguins thing came from!)

Monday, October 15, 2007


Overheard today: "Which animal Sammy scared? Sammy scared of giraffes at the zoo."

(He loves to look at them. But he is afraid to feed them the crackers you can buy for that purpose. This does not, however, stop him from asking every time to buy some crackers so he can feed them. He just always chickens out at the last minute.)

A few photos

Sammy is really into building with Legos these days. This is a "bridge" that he and I built. He had lots of fun re-building it, and running his little toy truck under it like a tunnel.

Katie still contends that applesauce is actually a finger food. Do you see the new tooth? (One of 4 that came in all at once!)

Subtraction and Counting

Last night I was giving Sammy his medicine. It's a liquid that we give him in a syringe. I asked him if he wanted to take the dose in 3 squirts or 4. He chose 4. I gave him #1, then #2, then I had to refill the syringe. While I was doing that he said, "Two squirts left!" Then I gave him #3, after which he said "Last one!!!"


(How sad is it that the non-math-major parent was the one who noticed it!?)

Katie knows the concept of two. If you ask her for 2 kisses (and she's in the mood to give them) she knows exactly how many that is.

Light a candle tonight at 7 pm

For my 3+ babies that I never got to meet. Or yours, if you have any.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Serging not Surging

Sorry for the missspell.

Here's a close-up of what the serger does:

Katie Remembers!

Katie and I were reading My First Colors Board Book together today. On the orange page, she pointed at the pumpkin. I said "pumpkin," and as I was about to ask her if she remembered seeing pumpkins at the grocery store yesterday, she pointed to the door and said "doo!" I wasn't sure what she meant, so I asked her anyway, and her eyes lit up with the "Mama understood me!!!" glow. Next she pointed at the lion, said "nah-ninnn", then pointed at the door again and said "doooooooo!" Which translates to "We saw a lion at the zoo!"


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Rave: My new cabinets

They have actually been up for almost a month. Kerry's husband and son hung them for me, while Jeff was out of town. My mom wanted to see a picture, so here it is.

In a few months I hope to order some desk-sized cabinets and a desktop for the bottom, instead of this makeshift thing. (Which is still way better than the folding table and no storage that was there 2 months ago!)

Water play

I walked into the kitchen the other day to find this. Yes, that is a dirty pot soaking in the sink that the dolphin is diving into!

Surging projects

You are probably wondering what someone who can barely thread a needle is doing working on surging projects...

Well, I'll tell ya. My wonderful mother-in-law permanently loaned me her surger, after I borrowed it at her house to make myself some more wipies. It has been at my house ever since. I think that was last Thanksgiving. I FINALLY pulled it out, got it put back together, re-threaded, tensions set, etc and made the projects that have been sitting around for so very very long.

First off, there were the cotton/hemp terry wipies that I made for Stephanie's baby for a gift. (I am only about 5 months late here!) For good measure I am also throwing in a doubler and a couple of diaper inserts. I hope she doesn't laugh too hard at my inability to surge in a straight line!

The other project was (TMI alert!) the cloth pads I've been meaning to make since I got my period back after Katie was born. (Wow! That was like a year ago!) It's too bad I can't surge as well as the lady I got the pattern from. But as my darling pointed out, nobody is going to be looking at them! I made some out of the hemp/cotton, and a couple out of an old t-shirt, and a couple more out of an old pair of comfy (but too holey to wear anymore) sweatpants.

Here is a silly photo because I was so excited to get out of the house tonight - I went to JoAnn's and got among other things colored thread for the surger. And was proud of myself for being able to change them all out! (Did I mention I have next to no sewing skills, here!?!?)

Geaux Tigers!!!

What a game, eh? It was as close and exciting as everyone promised it would be. Or at least that's how it sounded. I listened to most of it from the other room, where I was working on some surging projects.

I got a little teary-eyed in the beginning, seeing the 92,000+ people in the stadium, wishing I was there. Then thinking that the 50,000+ people tailgating it in the parking lot were probably having a lot more fun. And a better view for that matter! But then I thought, at least I will not be stuck in a 3-4 hour traffic jam on the way home, where you are lucky if you move a mile in that time.

You know, there was a time in high school when I thought about going to Florida. But then I would have been sorely disappointed tonight. And probably married to someone else for that matter. So I'm glad it all turned out the way it did.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Rant: Herpes

I have been sick for the last 7 days, with whatever bug seems to be making its rounds everywhere I have friends - the one where a river of thick mucous runs down the back of your throat and keeps you coughing all night long.

The kids seemed to started getting it, too, but Wed. evening Sammy also got a pretty high fever. And then some time yesterday afternoon I noticed nasty blisters along both sides of his tongue. They looked just like the ones I had when (we were pretty sure) we had Hand Foot and Mouth disease back in July.

I took him to see our favorite pediatrician this morning, and apparently what he has is Herpetic stomatitis. The poor baby can't eat, can barely swallow, can't nurse (won't even try!), can't talk without it hurting. And he's drooling all over the place. On top of that I've had to force the medicine for it down his throat, with him kicking and screaming and pushing and slapping at me.

I feel rotten for him. And a little for me, for not being able to do anything for him. But mostly for him.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I was told this about peacocks this morning: "Heehocks ave eh-ders. Ee taw heehocks at da doo. Heehocks eat Dammy's jeh-wy danwich!"

(Max kindly had his mama make Sammy a jelly sandwich, since he knew he couldn't eat PB&J, last Wednesday when we went to the zoo. And one of the free-roaming peacocks did nearly steal the sandwich out of his hand! I had to kick at it to make it go away.)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Katie had her eye doctor follow-up yesterday. Her vision is no longer drastically different between eyes; both were exactly the same: -1.5. That's good news, because at her first appointment they were -.75 and -2.0, and the doctor was very worried about her developing a lazy eye. Anyway, she can't see close up really well (same as her brother, but worse), which is very bad if you're a toddler and pretty much every thing you do is right in front of you, so soon she will no longer be the only family member without glasses. She loves putting Sammy and Mama's glasses on, but I suspect once wearing them is no longer an option, it will not be so appealing.

The other good thing to come from this is that, since Sammy also wanted to look in the little machine and see the tree, we know that his prescription is no longer the right one, and he needs to get another exam. And luckily the replacement pair of "circle glasses" I bought him are still in their 60-day window for a no-cost prescription change. (I think I forgot to mention that after I bought them, I also found the original pair that had been missing for like 7 months! Figures!)