My how time flies!

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Monday, April 30, 2007

My big kids

Sammy can play his computer games (i.e. control the mouse) all by himself now. Not only am I very impressed, I am also rewarded with not having to sit there and play "Doodle, Doodle, Guess!" the whole time he wants to play. ;)

I started giving Katie choices (ala Love & Logic) and she sure knows what she wants right away. (I think I see the beginnings of a "D" personality in there!) And she's so happy I'm treating her like a big girl and letting her choose things like Sammy does. I kinda feel guilty for not thinking to do it before.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

2 more favorite pics from yesterday

Katie's 1st Birthday Party

We had a short, smallish party for Katie in our backyard yesterday. It was the first really nice day in quite a while. The sun was shining (perhaps a bit too much, but at least it was nice and warm) and the wind was gentle and breezy.

First we opened gifts,

Then we played with gifts,

Then I had to take Katie inside because she was so fussy. (Between the earache and the teething and missing 3 hours of sleep the day before and being in the bright sunshine, she was understandably cranky!) When she calmed down we broke out the snacks - cupcakes that she and Sammy picked out themselves, and helped decorate; and Tofutti Cuties.

The kids who came had fun playing in the back yard.

Zachary (9m) and Katie are becoming best buddies!

The older guests sat around and chatted, or chilled. Above is Zachary's big sister Haley. To the left is our good friend Ms. Erin.

Sammy had a blast playing with all of Katie's new things.

Juna loved the bubbles!

Zachary's big brother Micheal enjoyed the soda.

Guests: Mama, Daddy, big brother Sammy, & MawMaw; Mrs. Amanda & Jeremy; Ms. Erin & Juna; Mrs. Mary (another of Sammy's teachers from his daycare); Nanny (Kerry), Mike, Micheal, Haley, & Zachary; and John, Julie, & Morgan.

Ball Pit

We got Katie a ball pit/play tent area for her birthday. It didn't even get to get wrapped. It shipped in the manufacturer's box and when Sammy saw it he wanted to play in it immediately. I guess it will have to live in the basement, because it takes up the whole living room! They have played in it every day since we opened it. Here are a few photos of them enjoying it.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Montessori Article

Thanks Marie for alerting me the link to this excellent article about the Montessori method and needs of the infant/toddler! I found it very relevant, as well as timely (see my current reading list). I think everyone with a child should read this article and think hard about it.

You've Got to Stand For Something

In this case, it's applause. This was videoed during my mommies' group the other night.

Go, Katie!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

faith groups

The MOPS semester is about to end. I don't plan to do that again next semester. Sammy refuses to stay in the daycare, and it is against my parenting values to force him to. (I did try this one time, because so many people suggested it, and he woke up screaming and inconsolable from every nap for 4 days afterward. This is a kid who usually wakes up happy and chatty.) He is of course welcome in the meeting with me, but I don't get a lot out of it that way because I spend 85% of the meeting trying to keep him and Katie from being too disruptive. I also feel... I don't know... out of my element there. I am not nearly as organized as all these people are (or appear to be). I don't enjoy sitting in a chair for two and a half hours first thing in the morning. Sammy and I are allergic to most of the items brought for breakfast, and can't seem to get up early enough to get a big enough breakfast to tide us over until lunchtime before we go. I don't think it's necessary (or even healthy) to force seperation on my young toddler - and it certainly isn't relaxing or renewing for me to do so! I don't plan to put my kids in public shcool... I feel pretty safe in my decision that this group just isn't for me. Which made me a little sad, because I wanted it to be. The people are nice enough. They are just too "normie," I guess.

On a happier note, my Mommies' Faith Study group met tonight. I couldn't find anything at church (besides MOPS) to help strengthen my faith life where I felt my nursing toddler and baby would be welcome, so I started my own with two of my friends. We meet every week at my house, in the evening because one of them works. We read our book (currently A Mother's Rule of Life) for an hour and then eat dinner together. I get so much out of this group, even on the days we don't get any actual faith study done because the babies are too fussy. It is so much fun to see them interact together, and to have a safe outlet to vent or sing praises about what's going on in our lives. And to have our babies see us making an effort to get to know God better.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Easter (a few weeks late!)

I have been meaning to start a blog for a while now, mostly as an easier way to share pictures. So here is my first try -

Katie and Sammy on Easter Sunday.