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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Katie's 1st Birthday Party

We had a short, smallish party for Katie in our backyard yesterday. It was the first really nice day in quite a while. The sun was shining (perhaps a bit too much, but at least it was nice and warm) and the wind was gentle and breezy.

First we opened gifts,

Then we played with gifts,

Then I had to take Katie inside because she was so fussy. (Between the earache and the teething and missing 3 hours of sleep the day before and being in the bright sunshine, she was understandably cranky!) When she calmed down we broke out the snacks - cupcakes that she and Sammy picked out themselves, and helped decorate; and Tofutti Cuties.

The kids who came had fun playing in the back yard.

Zachary (9m) and Katie are becoming best buddies!

The older guests sat around and chatted, or chilled. Above is Zachary's big sister Haley. To the left is our good friend Ms. Erin.

Sammy had a blast playing with all of Katie's new things.

Juna loved the bubbles!

Zachary's big brother Micheal enjoyed the soda.

Guests: Mama, Daddy, big brother Sammy, & MawMaw; Mrs. Amanda & Jeremy; Ms. Erin & Juna; Mrs. Mary (another of Sammy's teachers from his daycare); Nanny (Kerry), Mike, Micheal, Haley, & Zachary; and John, Julie, & Morgan.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Hey - Thanks for sharing the pictures of Katie's 1st birthday party! Looks like it was a huge success and everyone had a great time. I LOVE her hair like that, it's so cute - it really changes her looks, more like a little toddler than a baby. She's so adorable!