My how time flies!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Katie had her eye doctor follow-up yesterday. Her vision is no longer drastically different between eyes; both were exactly the same: -1.5. That's good news, because at her first appointment they were -.75 and -2.0, and the doctor was very worried about her developing a lazy eye. Anyway, she can't see close up really well (same as her brother, but worse), which is very bad if you're a toddler and pretty much every thing you do is right in front of you, so soon she will no longer be the only family member without glasses. She loves putting Sammy and Mama's glasses on, but I suspect once wearing them is no longer an option, it will not be so appealing.

The other good thing to come from this is that, since Sammy also wanted to look in the little machine and see the tree, we know that his prescription is no longer the right one, and he needs to get another exam. And luckily the replacement pair of "circle glasses" I bought him are still in their 60-day window for a no-cost prescription change. (I think I forgot to mention that after I bought them, I also found the original pair that had been missing for like 7 months! Figures!)

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