My how time flies!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

A few photos

Sammy is really into building with Legos these days. This is a "bridge" that he and I built. He had lots of fun re-building it, and running his little toy truck under it like a tunnel.

Katie still contends that applesauce is actually a finger food. Do you see the new tooth? (One of 4 that came in all at once!)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, like everybody wants to look at your kids.

Kerry said...

great bridge Sam! I'm totally impressed (last post) with his math skills!

Yippee for new teeth...Zachary is up to 5 and has 3 more about to come in. Too much fun!

Sharon said...

They just get cuter all the time! Sammy looks like he's getting tall. We play with Legos too, Bubba's really into Lincoln Logs right now.

Bubba thinks EVERYTHING is a finger food, we're working on it but he obviously finds his way much better. Katie's a little doll!