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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Year Without - Day 23

Benny woke me up saying "Oh, pease!" Usually I can tell what he's asking for, but for some reason, this time it took me 10 minutes to figure out he was asking for Cheerios.

Awesome Kerry watched kids for me this afternoon, and Jeff's John picked me up at the carwash after I dropped off truck to be detailed. (Gotta get it ready to sell, you know.) When I got back, I watched Zachary so she could bring Haley to ROTC. It was a decently warm day, so I cleaned out hubby's car (to get it ready to be detailed), while Zachary, Katie & Benny played on the scooters and bikes. That didn't take as long as I anticipated (mostly because I shoved a bunch of junk I didn't know what to do with into bags and boxes), so I packed a bunch of stuff to mail to hubby.

When Kerry came back, she stayed with the kids again while I took the car to drop it off and pick up the AMAZINGLY IMMACULATE truck! WOW!!!! Those guys worked a cleaning miracle!

I'll get the car tomorrow if the snow's not too bad, otherwise it will probably be this weekend before I can pick it up. Then we will be that much closer to selling them and getting something that will fit all of us once the new baby comes.

2 of my kids, just being themselves. Nothing exciting. But I want to post anyway, because they grow so, so quickly.

Katie loves to dress up. Whether ordinary clothes, or special sparkly ones, she usually changes outfits 3-10 times per day!

Benny is one hungry boy! He is always asking for a "'nack!"
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