My how time flies!

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Year Without - Day 16

Benny slept until 7:30 this morning! WOO-HOO!!! The first thing he did was ask for an apple. (Now that we have some more. Glad we got to do PART of our Costco shopping yesterday!)

We found "Dada!!!!" online at 8:10 this morning. That was before he ate supper, so he couldn't chat long. The kids were so happy to see him. (And I too, of course!) B kept saying "Ho (Hello), Dad!... Hi, Dad!... Hey, dad!" It was too cute! He came back later, but unfortunately, the connection was pretty bad (again), so we eventually had to resort to IM (again). :(

Worked on mail/paperwork again today. There is a big honking reusable shopping bag full of it just making me so stressed. (Everything is making me so stressed! I have got to do SOMETHING to alleviate this stress. It is not good for the baby.) So I decided to just tackle it. That meant that the kids went mostly unsupervised for a huge chunk of the day. I cannot deal with paperwork with anything less than full attention. Sometimes even that is not enough for me to know what to do with it all. But I got through a WHOLE LOT of it today. Whew! I do feel a little better.

My phone is dying a slow, noisy, inevitable death. The phone itself is mostly functioning fine, but I COULD NOT get it to charge today. All day long, no matter which way I turned it or how I jiggled the wire, it would not keep a steady connection to charge the battery. After 5 hours of this annoying "boo-BEEP! Bee-BOOP!" crap rattling my very last nerve, and nothing working to get the thing charging (including some battery re-seats, cajoling, and eventually some very choice words I cannot repeat), I admitted defeat.

Awesome Kerry watched my kids at her house tonight so I could gather all the Christmas presents from various places in the house. Unfortunately, I took advantage of their absence to hit the Verizon store and buy a new phone (I thought about trying to do without, but got really nervous at the thought of driving 3 little kids around in the Colorado cold. Especially after our truck left us stranded about 3 or 4 weeks ago!). That ended up taking 1.5 of my 2 hours to get stuff done. Too many decisions. I got a Droid X and eventually ended up taking advantage of their buy one get one free offer to get hubby a global Droid 2, because they told me since he was out of the country we could activate then immediately deactivate the phone, reactivate it when he comes back and not have to pay the internet service fee until then. And if he decides NOT to activate it and keep his old phone, that is apparently OK too.

But that trip left me with only 30 short minutes to sort gifts before Mass. So they didn't get sorted. But at least they all got gathered into one place.

I was feeling so YUCK this evening. Didn't I sleep in this morning? Then why was I SOOOOO tired this evening? I don't remember being so tired in weeks. Or months. Ugh! During the middle of Mass I also realized that I was extremely hungry. Because apparently in the distraction of all that doggoned paperwork, I forgot to eat a real meal, and just snacked all afternoon.

Oh, and after Mass, a friend who I'd sent that help email to told me she'd start checking on me after Christmas. That made me feel a lot better. Especially since I complained about it just yesterday.

Before I picked up the kids, I ran by the grocery store and picked up the Mini Ravioli that I'd been craving for weeks. (Hey, I'm pregnant; don't judge!)


claire said...

Stacy, I'm glad to hear that another friend has stepped up to the plate to help you. I'm shocked that you didn't get more of a response from other people. I wish we lived closer. Jeffy and I would definitely stop by to lend a hand!

Regarding the vacuum issue (from a previous post): I have the same issue with my vacuum. I bought it because it was lightweight and got good reviews. The hose sucks pretty well, but the main part doesn't do well at all, especially on rugs. I just ordered a Hoover Windtunnel from Amazon. I hated to spend the money, but after reading about your situation with broken glass, I see that it's a safety issue. Unfortunately, the windtunnel (even though they say it's lightweight) weighs twice what my current vacuum does. I hate hauling heavy vacuums up the stairs. (And no, I'm not pregnant, so I guess I shouldn't complain!)

Mathochist said...

Thanks. I understand if people are busy and can't help. But I am hurt and disappointed that 3/5 of them DIDN'T EVEN RESPOND.

I don't even try to haul the vac upstairs, unless it's an emergency!