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Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Year Without - Day 17

Today was a MOPS day. I like being at MOPS, but the whole getting up early and trying to get everyone ready to be somewhere for 8:45 in the morning kinda ruins the whole experience for me. Today was the Christmas party. We got some neat ornaments with our kiddos' pictures on them. (I helped take a lot of the photos, and was still surprised at how cute they turned out!) There were lots of sweets to eat. Hardly anyone brought anything to drink. I brought apple juice, but only because I'd forgotten that for the Christmas meeting, everyone is supposed to bring something, and I had to grab it in a hurry on the way out the door.

Didn't get to chat with the hubby today, because we were not home. I logged into MSN on the new phone, in case he tried to chat, but he didn't (and I'm not sure I would have heard the notification anyway). But I did get some nice emails from him. :)

Have I mentioned that I LOVE THURSDAYS!?!?!?!? Thursday is housekeeper day. I don't think we've ever needed her more than we did today. Luckily she is very forgiving and flexible. She couldn't even clean for all the random STUFF all over the floor. I asked my kids to help her pick things up and put them away, and to my great surprise it was Katie that actually helped, instead of Sammy who I expected. B needed a nap right about this time, and I unknowingly fell asleep right along with him. Woke up to a picked-up house. It was great!

Tonight the kids Skyped with MawMaw & PawPaw. That was fun. Then Haley came over to babysit while I ran to the bank, looked at a van (**really liked it!!!**), and went to worship team rehearsal.

Missing my honey a lot. Hope I get to talk to him tomorrow!

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