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Friday, December 03, 2010

A Year Without - Day 11

Errands became crucial today, since we never made it out of the house yesterday. We pulled a name off the giving tree at music class, and I didn't realize we were supposed to return the gift to class this week.

After we chatted with the Daddy (Oh, I am loving Skype! Although his connection is usually not great and we usually end up IMing before the conversation is over.) and got dressed, we went to the post office to pick up priority mail boxes, and to Target. Unfortunately, by the time we got to Target, it was 11:00, and I realized I had 3 hungry kids and no snacks. So There I Am, pushing a heavy buggy through Target with 3 hungry, grumpy kids. I told them if they would be on their best behavior and let me get quickly through the store, we'd go out to lunch at their favorite restaurant (Red Robin). The big 2 were FANTASTIC! Only needed to be reminded once, maybe twice. The little one, not so much. It's hard to be 1, and starving, driving through aisles full of fun food and snacks and your mama not letting you have any. I forgave him, and took him out to lunch anyway.

The kids enjoyed Red Robin's new "Ziosk" computer, which had a few games on it. The nice ladies at the table next to us let B have theirs, which they weren't using, so he could play, too.

After reviewing RR's allergy menus, I discovered that I should be asking for "no seasoning" on our fries and Sammy's burger. Or my food for that matter. Because they have soy in their seasoning. Stinkers! (But, at least they don't have soy, milk, or egg in their hamburger buns!)

After lunch we came home to potty, put together the gift for the girl off the giving tree and Daddy's care package, and wait for the repairman to fix our appliances. And, though I didn't know it at the time, for B to finally take a reasonably-houred daytime nap! The repairman was pretty prompt, and the work was quick, and somehow the baby even managed to sleep through all the vacuuming and banging.

After B woke up, we went to Kerry's, where she watched the bigs while B & I went to the post office to mail Daddy's box, and to the music teacher's house to drop off the Santa gift. Then we went to get some takeout for supper. I got Greek for us, and picked up some more of those yummy NYPD wings for Kerry. While we were waiting for the food to be cooked, we strolled over to the Verizon store and checked out the latest phones. I asked the guy if the Droids ever go on sale, and he said the closest thing he's seen to it is their BOGO deal right now. I told him that didn't matter, because my hubby was in Afghanistan for the next year and didn't need a cell phone. He told me I could buy it anyway, and just leave it in the box for the next year. It was a little tempting, except that my hubby does not want a phone with internet access, and I am pretty sure Verizon corporate would have something nasty to say about me taking a free phone and not activating it.

We had dinner, and the kids played, and stayed too late at Kerry's. Came home and pretty much collapsed into bed. Fun day, mostly, but I probably should be more careful in the future not to let myself get this tired!

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