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Monday, December 06, 2010

A Year Without - Day 14

Good morning Benny woke me up at 6:00. I used to love the extra time him waking up allowed me to spend with him. But lately I am SOOOOO tired all the time, I just wish he would learn to sleep a little later. Even 45 minutes would be a big help.

My stinkin' phone refused to turn on today. That made me mad. I am really, really, really trying to make it hold out until we get the emergency savings fund built back up. Eventually I pulled the battery for a bit, and put it back in. That did the trick. But then it kept doing the charge/don't charge/charge/don't charge thing that it does occasionally. It took a little more wiggling of the wire than usual to get it to actually charge.

I tried to work on mail today. Have I mentioned how much I hate mail and paperwork? It stacks up until I think I have time to deal with it, which is almost never. Then I go through it and don't know what to do with all of it. It's so overwhelming. Why can't these people just leave me alone?

We had ANOTHER broken glass incident today. This makes the 3rd one in 2 weeks, if you count the unexplained shard the bottom of my foot found in the kitchen the day my honey left. This time it was in the basement. Benny had broken a glass tealight holder that, as far as I knew, was upstairs in the alcove area. Grrr!

Besides opening the mail, I worked on sorting it into manageable piles. Bills bills bills. Tricare unexplainably denied claims. Paperwork. Yuck! IRS. Paperwork. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

I tried unsuccessfully to get the kids ready early enough to get Sam's bloodwork before dance class. They didn't cooperate. By the time we drove by the lab, there was no way we could do the test and get to dance class on time. Grumble.

I had planned to run our other errands (like shopping at Sunflower Market, since we were on that side of town) after dance class, but it was just TOO DOGGONED COLD. And I was feeling pretty down and defeated by that point anyway.

I talked to my aunt, who had once offered to sell me her van if she decided to get a different vehicle, about us needing a van soon. She talked it over with my uncle, and they decided they weren't ready to get rid of it. Which may be just as well. I'd have to drive to Louisiana to get it. And then sell the truck down there. That just sounds like more work than I am up to.

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