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Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Year Without - Day 12

Another day at home. Everyone woke up pretty early this morning, I think by 7:30. After breakfast, we did our usual cleanup of the living room before Hooray for Huckle (Busytown Mysteries) came on. Only this time, I told them they had to clean up the basement, too. Because I wanted my side of the room back. So I IM'd the Daddy while I supervised. Even though they had like 2.5 hours to get it done, they barely made it. It's hard, cleaning up, when there are so many fun and distracting things to play with.

There was only one episode of Huckle today, due to a basketball game or something, and I forgot to warn them ahead of time, so a meltdown of the 5yo ensued. We flipped through channels and the only thing "kid" on was Cyberchase on one of the Spanish channels. They 4yo insisted on watching it. The crying 5yo could NOT understand why I didn't put it on the English channel for him. So he cried even louder/harder. This led us to a search of Netflix, who luckily had some Cyberchase episodes in their "watch instantly" section.

Kerry came over with her "boys" (hubby and BIL) to help change the 13' high lights in the living room, 3 of the 4 of which had burned out. The first ladder they rented was 16', and too big to stand up in the living room. While they traded it for a 12'er, I went to Lowes to get light bulbs, since I didn't finish running all my errands this week. I got LED bulbs, in the hopes that it would lower my electricity bill AND be longer than 2 years before we need to change those again. I also got some LED reflector floods for the basement, but got confused by the wording in fine print, and may not be able to use them in the can fixtures. I will have to call their customer service department on Monday to find out for sure. And, unfortunately, I've been so mind-frazzled this week, I forgot to pick up anything else I needed from Lowe's. Like plastic film to stop the windows from being so doggoned drafty. Or sealer for the futon frame. Poop. I feel like I'm losing my mind most days, and it's very frustrating!

While they were here, the guys also fixed the drafty door from the house into the garage, and figured out a solution for the front door, which apparently isn't closing properly, fixed Katie's closet door which was off-track, and looked at the hallway closet door and figured out it's missing a roller or something. Wow! I am not used to so many things getting done around here in such a short amount of time. It was extremely nice!

After they left, we all just relaxed together. While I was channel-surfing (I don't know why I even bother. Nothing good EVER comes on. Except Monday and Thursday nights at 7.) I saw on the all-news channel that today was the last day to send to a 093 APO to get it there by Christmas. I didn't know. Glad I got that package in the mail yesterday. But I didn't intend for it to be his Christmas present. :(((

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