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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sammy's 4th birthday party photos

I think Sammy was very pleased with his birthday party. He asked for his friends to come over, and do puzzles with him, and play hide-and-seek. I'm not sure we played hide-and-seek, but we sure did play with toys and have a good time. It was a lot of fun to visit and play with everyone who came. Here are some pictures of the event. (Sorry for the bad lighting. It was my first time attempting photos in the finished basement. I need some practice.)

Sammy picked out the shape and flavor and candle he wanted, helped his daddy bake, and then frosted and decorated this cake himself.

Uncle Scott lighting the candle
Zachary & Mr. Mike singing "Happy Birthday"

Okay, blow out the candle!

Mrs. Kerry & Haley

Ms. Erin & Camryn (and my big piles of mess that never got picked up. One day when I am not pregnant, I expect to have energy and actually do this!)


Hey, how come I don't get any cake?!?!?

Zachary enjoying his cake

Ooooh! Presents!!!!

An Aquadoodle and a book from Ms. Erin & Camryn

More guests arrive! Ms. Amanda, Jacob, & Anna (& Jeremy, not pictured here)

They brought a Diego puzzle

Mr. John, Mrs. Julie, & Morgan brought a Thomas book and a Spongebob puzzle.

The babies had a fun time playing together. (Or at least watching each other play)

Mrs. Julie reading the Thomas book

Mr. John & Morgan doing the Spongebob puzzle

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