My how time flies!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rant: A lot of things! I'm grumpy!

The other day someone commented to me that the baby had dropped. I had been thinking so, but dismissed it. I thought it was way too soon for him to drop. I have been mildly stressing about it ever since. But I just noticed, on my blog baby ticker, that some babies do drop now. So I am feeling a little better about that. (As of 5 minutes ago.)

Some days I have big problems with swelling, and some days I have none. It is a little baffling. I *think* I have been doing really well with my protein intake since that 3-day swelling episode right before Thanksgiving. But some days, I still get swollen. I don't know if it's too much salt, too little water, or just something random.

Today I'm not swollen at all, but every time I stand up, I start contracting. Of course sitting down is the logical answer, but do you know how frustrating it is when every time you sit down, you've got a double-team of messers pulling every thing out of every container they can find... Pulling every pillow and sheet and throw and blanket off of every couch and bed they come across... Playing with a new toy every 5 minutes and never putting anything away? They are getting really good about picking up things if they are reminded. But if I'm not right there noticing exactly what they are doing, they don't get reminded. Ugh.

I'm sure it is just all supposed to be a big reminder to do what I can, and focus on what's important. But I am a slow learner sometimes...

The kids are in the bathtub. I am probably going to regret that here in another hour when they eat and get all messy. BUT, they asked, and I figured it would give me a good at least 45 minutes of them NOT throwing everything they could find on the floor. And maybe give me a chance to pick up a few things, rest, pick up a few things, rest, etc. Plus they both had poopy diapers and the clean diapers are still downstairs. So I figured, hey, if they're going to be naked anyway, might as well throw them in the tub.

Oh, and did I mention I'm tired of illnesses? I hate to be picky, because they've all been viral and recoverable (eventually!). But ugh! I pray we're at least healthy whenever the birth time is, so everyone can be there. And I can labor without worrying about coughing, not being able to breathe, etc.

Just ignore me. I'm grumpy. (Not that I appear to have that many readers to ignore me anyway... So maybe you already are...)


Sarah said...

I understand hating being sick all the time. Since the hurricane back in September, I have had a nagging cough/sinus blockage that finally decided to bloom into bronchitis last week. On antibiotics and took four days off from work but still feel yucky. Now my arthritis is acting up b/c I have to go off of all my arthritis meds while on antibiotics to allow my body to assume its natural immune responses rather than suppressing them. Life is great, not!

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

You are JUSTIFIABLY GRUMPY. (Is that how you spell justifyably?) That's totally different than just grumpy. You deserve hot cocoa and sleep and cuddles and a maid!

Mathochist said...

See, now I feel bad about even saying anything. 'Cause at least we're not dealing with anything chronic. Just every seasonal virus that passes through Colorado springs... I hope you are feeling better soon!

Mommy, you are sweet! (That is how I would spell it...) The housekeeper came Thursday and I felt much better for the 2 hours after she left that the house was actually clean. ;) And I get great cuddles all day long. Especially when they are sick and want mommy all the more.