My how time flies!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Pretty Christmas Lights

We were driving around the east side of town last night and saw a few amazing Christmas displays. Here are some directions in case you find yourself in that area at night this season:

1) From Peterson @ N. Carefree, head south and take the first left onto Pony Tracks (by Sand Creek HS). Take the first right onto Heather Glen. There is a house lighting up the whole neighborhood a little way down this street. Follow the street to the roundabout, turn left, and then turn right on Bexley. There is a well-lit house on Bexley, plus lots of other houses with lights on that street.

2) Follow Bexley until it dead-ends. Turn left, then turn right onto Pony Tracks at the next dead-end. Follow this road around the park & elementary school, through the stop sign and to the light at Peterson. Turn left (south) onto Peterson. Follow it until Bismark, the last road before the light at Constitution. Turn right onto Bismark and immediately right onto Roxane Ct. There is a house on the corner with several dozen Christmas-dressed cartoon characters all over their yard. This road has a cul-de-sac at the end so it's easy to turn around.

3) Go back out to Peterson road and keep heading south. A little ways after the light at Palmer Park, turn left (east) onto Chippewa. There is another house covered in lights there.

Also, if you have small kids and have not been, the light display at the Nazarene church near the intersection of Academy & Fountain (northeast corner, off of Academy Park Loop) is worth driving through. Especially if you can go on a night where it is warm enough to keep the windows down - they will write the kids' names on a sheet of paper and magnet it to your door, and everyone you pass will greet the kids by name! This one is free, too (although they do have donation collectors at the end).

If you have seen any other good displays in town, please let us know. My kids are having so much fun seeing all the lights. This is the second time I've set them up with "hot chocolate" (warm chocolate rice milk) in their cups and blankets over their laps to go looking at lights. (And actually the purpose of the trip is usually to bring Uncle Scott to one of his poker games; we just take advantage of the fact that we're already out to look at the pretty lights.)


Kerry said...

I love the idea of blankets and warm chocolate milk! We have puppy school tonight (S. Carefree @ Powers) so we might take a drive afterward!

The house on Roxanne Ct. was really nice last year...if it's the same one.

Mathochist said...

Yeah, they were a necessity last night when it was 2 degrees!

It is the same house. I personally thought it was a little silly (albeit well-done) because I wasn't sure what all those cartoon characters have to do with Christmas. But the kids sure loved recognizing & naming all the characters.

Although it was an awful night to be driving on the roads, last night turned out to be a really good night to be out lightseeing, because there was hardly any traffic. We were able to pull over and really look at all the houses for as long as we wanted to. Also I personally think the lights look much more festive with all the snow around. (Not that it's going anywhere in the next few days!)