My how time flies!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

This morning when I told you it was your birthday, and that you were four, you didn't believe me. You said, "But Mama, I'm three and a half!" I had to show you the calendar on the computer that said December 26 before you believed me.

You are getting to be such a big boy! You are very, very tall like your Daddy. You can already read and write some! You are still scared to go potty (I think this is why you didn't want to believe it was your birthday, because you have been saying for over a year that you will use the potty when you are 4), but I am sure that will happen soon. You can do more and more things by yourself every day. I bet it won't be long before you are mixing your own chocolate milk and getting yourself dressed without Mama's help at all. You are such a sweet helper to your sister Katie. Yesterday you went all the way up to the bedroom to get her Blue's Clues sleeping bag from the bed and bring it to her in the basement so she could watch movies with you. Then last night at bedtime you went all the way down to the basement and brought it all the way back up to the bedroom so she could cuddle in it at bedtime. You are really good at sharing your toys (usually) and getting better and better about picking up toys when you are finished with them. I am sure you are going to be a great helper when our baby gets here, and be a great big brother to him, just like you are to Katie.

Mama and Daddy love you very much, and are so proud of you! Happy Birthday, our dear sweet boy!


FloridaWife said...

This is such a sweet letter to your son. I got teary. These little moments go by so fast.

Mathochist said...

Thanks! There was much more I wanted to say, but my placenta-brain forgot it all!