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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Homemade Ornament Ideas Contest

I want to make homemade photo Christmas tree ornaments of the kids, to give to family members. The best idea I could come up with so far is:

Cutting photo into smallish circle, laminate in a pouch with some glitter, and cutting another 1/2" around the circle (with glitter showing) for a clear border. Simple hole punch and some ribbon to make it hangable. Or maybe some eyelets if I can figure out how to set them. Easy/fast enough, but pretty messy. Probably messier than I am willing/have energy to clean up after. Plus I'd have to go somewhere to acquire the glitter.

Anyway... I know some of my friends out there are pretty crafty, so I decided to have a contest. Post your best easy-but-cute homemade photo ornament idea here in my blog comments, or leave a link to your own blog in my comments. I will pick a winner in about a week (once I take/print photos of the kids). Winner gets a sample of the finished product for their own Christmas tree. Ideas that I can make from supplies that I already have on hand, and that don't generate too much mess, will get extra points in the final judging.

Happy competing!


Erin said...

Do you have any felt? You could make little stockings with their heads (via picture of course!) popping out the top...
Or green pipe cleaners? You could do the laminating their face thing but fashion a wreath out of the pipe cleaner to go around it.

Mathochist said...

Well, Erin, I guess you win. Not that I've even gotten organized enough to take the picture yet... Hopefully we will have you your ornament for your tree next year!