My how time flies!

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Monday, September 24, 2007


Using "any" for "some": "Want ama pway any music, pwease," and "Wanna eat any food, ama!"

When it's time to go up to bed and he doesn't want to walk: "May-eye tarry-ewe pwease?"

When he realizes his daddy's having fun without him: "May-eye pway 'tuder, pwease?"

When I tell him I won't play with him until I finish (whatever I'm doing at the time): "Dammy help-us, too!"

When he wants me to read a book: "May I want ama reada book, pwease."

After drinking from Dad's soda cup at the local pizza place: "Dammy want more toe-doe, pwease!"

When he wants to "switch" (sides nursing): "May-eye nurse on Tatie's side, pwease?" (only says it when Katie's not there; otherwise she's the one dictating the timing of the switch)

and my personal favorite
S:"May I nurse pwease?"
M:"It will cost you one kiss."
S:"NO! (Th)ree tisses!!!"

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