My how time flies!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Loving Touch

We happened to walk through the primate exhibit at the zoo yesterday while the caretaker was on display with the baby orangutan whose mother rejected him. The caretaker was sitting down propped against a log while he slept on her lap. I was really disgusted to think that at the same time most people are excited that the zoo is going to such lengths to ensure the proper growth and development of this baby, I (and so many other AP moms) got/get so much flak for keeping my babies close to me for the exact same reason!!!


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I never understand why people give people flack for things like baby wearing. I am as far from an AP parent as anyone I personally know. And I didn't wear Ander very often. But there is definitely logic behind things like baby-wearing. I might not make the same choice, but it's a logical, rational choice, so I don't understand why you'd get criticism for it. I mean, if you were baby flogging or something...{eyes rolling on your behalf at people giving you flack}.

Mamaebeth said...

i am working on starting a NINO (Nine in Nine Out) group in BR. if it works out i'll bring up this story at our first meeting. there is a NINO group in colorado spings, do you go?

Mathochist said...

It is not so much the babywearing, as it is the co-sleeping, and the fact that I never let them (forced them IMO) get used to being without me in a crib, playpen, etc.

I have not been to the NINO group but my friend Kerry has. K was already nearly 9m when I found out about it, and I was in the process of cutting activities out of our life so I opted not to start that. I definitely plan to check it out if we are blessed with another, though. That is awesome that you are starting one!