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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Random thoughts on raising babies

While we were at the library today, I saw a lady walking around carrying her tiny baby (<2m?) in a carseat carrier, hood up. As she walked past, I saw his huge eyes looking around in confusion. I felt so sad for him. How could she not know he wanted to be snuggled up close to his mama's heartbeat? Or at least be able to see her face?

A gut feeling has had me wondering really hard about investigating some kind of gymnastics or other movement class for my kids, and today I came across Mamaebeth's post on Rae Pica & her work. Will definitely have to check this out.

While reading through Rae Pica's blog, I came across this post about tummy time and am now wondering even more if I have ruined my children by not forcing tummy time on them when they so vehemently objected it. I had been wondering this before, based on a conversation with my friends from my mommies' faith group, and the fact that neither of my children crawled, but rather scooted on 1 foot and dragged the other along. Was what everyone thought so cute and unique about them, actually the result of my inferior parenting? (Okay, to be fair to myself, ignorant parenting.) Are they going to need extensive Brain Integration Therapy? Or will Miss Ro's music class (which starts soon, yea!!!) be enough to fire up that inter-hemisphere communication?

On a more positive note, I felt validated in some of my more contriversial (AP-style) parenting choices after reading through Ms. Pica's blog and website a bit. I especially enjoyed this article about the importance of touch.


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

"How could she not know he wanted to be snuggled up close to his mama's heartbeat? Or at least be able to see her face?"

Ah, but how could mommy's holding babies in slings all the time not know that the baby feels like it will fall and that occassionally, the baby is just sleeping (when taken out of the car) and doesn't want up yet, and mommy couldn't have known that baby would suddenly wake up.

I guess my point is that a carrier doesn't bother me at all, and Ander never, ever seemed bothered by it. In fact, he still toddles over to the one at my mom's (it was in a car accident so it's a baby doll carrier now) and lies in it sometimes.

I truly believe that as long as babies are loved, they know it, no matter how they are carried. I also constantly hold my breath thinking slings will crash to the ground, but I'll freely admit that is personal and unfounded paranoia. ;)

Mamaebeth said...

don't beat yourself up about the tummy time. i highly doubt you have ruined them. when i look back on what i have done as a mother i change feelings of guilt into regret that i didn't know more and resolve to do the best i can with the knowledge i do have.

Marie said...

There is a little girl at our church who scooted herself just as you describe, then progressed to a sort of one arm, one leg crawl, which I thought was pretty unique. I wouldn't sweat it.

I know what you mean about the car carrier. I never had/used one just because it seemed so dang heavy. Also I was so greedy to hold Felicity all the time I hardly ever let even dh hold her.

Anonymous said...

"I truly believe that as long as babies are loved, they know it, no matter how they are carried."

I totally agree, mommy to ander.

I wish people wouldn't judge other people's choices. We don't like it when people judge us, so why should we do the same?

Mathochist said...

It was less about the carrier - I had my babies in carriers as much as not when they were small and slept a lot - than it was about the sad look on the baby's face. It was like he was looking for his mama, but couldn't see her for the fully extended carrier hood. I am sorry to have come across as passing judgement. Of course you have to do what works for you. I still reserve the right to feel sad for babies that look it. And for ones in "containers." And especially for both, as this one was.

Actually, MtAaWtB, IKWYM about the sling. I always worry that it's not tight enough and the baby will fall out, so I keep an arm tightly around it. Which is probably why I can't get anything done with a baby in a sling. (That and the fact that my boobs are so big, between them and the baby, I can't reach anything! And I am too paranoid to try a back carry!)

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

"I am sorry to have come across as passing judgement."

You didn't sound judgmental; I just disagreed. :) Actually, you are definitely a blogger with strong opinions, but you never make me feel like you are questioning my parenting. That's why I like reading your blog. Good tips and advice and similiar experiences that I can learn from, without judgment. Oh, and that whole pictures of the cuties thing. ;)