My how time flies!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

I don't know what to do!

We went to the zoo this morning. It was quite a grand trip. Robyn, Rachel, her skating buddy we acquired for the weekend (his name escapes me right now because I am completely pooped; will remember it as soon as I click "Publish Post!!!"), her skating coach Claudia, Claudia's daughter Romalee (?sp?), Kerry, & Zachary... It was really fun. Sammy even opted to go on with the big kids to see the penguins & hippos while I sat on a bench to nurse Katie, and was away from me for 30+ min without even batting an eye (never thought I'd see THAT day so soon!!!). Feeding giraffes crackers. Pony rides. Unfortunately the train was closed and the carousel too! But still it was a great time. Running all around the zoo. With help I got Katie in a good back carry in my ring sling.

They wore themselves out. They fell asleep within 3 minutes of the truck leaving. That was at 2:08. THEY ARE STILL ASLEEP. In the truck. In their carseats. After yesterday (no nap for Sammy who went to bed at 5:30 pm, woke up 3-4 times to nurse but mostly slept until 5:30 am at which point he was starving; 35 minute nap for Katie between 5:30 & 6:05, who then did not go back to sleep until 11:30 pm!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!) I dare not wake them.

I drove to the post office and worked on some backlogged mail from the last 2 months
(thank goodness for my Office In A Bag!), came home, cleaned out the truck, folded the laundry in the dryer, stuffed the rest of the clean diapers... I dare not go upstairs because the minute I do will be the minute one or both wake up. But Rachel and Luke (That's his name! Luke!) helped pick up, the housekeeper was here while we were gone, and there's nothing to do.

Spoke too soon! There's Katie. Bye!

1 comment:

Kerry said...

I'm glad they slept good...Zachary sure didn't! He fell asleep in the car within 5 minutes and woke when we got in the garage. Changed and nursed him...put him to bed. He slept maybe 30 minutes! But he's in bed now...hopefully for a decent nights sleep!