My how time flies!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Some prayer requests

Please Pray for:
  • Sammy, who is having dental work done tomorrow morning under sedation (if it works)
  • My mother, who is in the hospital with some unknown infection in her jaw/throat
  • Kitty and family, who just welcomed baby #7. (While you're at it, go shop here and help them feed all those little blessings!)
  • My acquaintance FloridaWife from my online Catholic infertility support group. She and her husband are expecting again and are at about the same point now (or maybe just a little past) where their first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage


Kerry said...

I didn't know Sammy was having more dental work...we will keep you in our prayers!!!

Sharon said...

How did Sammy do with his dental work? Have they figured out what's wrong with your moms jaw/throat? I hope they're both doing well.