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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Rant: "Spill-proof" sippee cups

I've about determined there is no such thing!!! Especially amongst the ones with the straws, which are the ones my kids want these days. The Nuby ones, just like their sippie cup counterparts, get the spill-proof part chewed out of the straw the minute I turn my head. The Playtex insulator sport ones, although they are easy for any todller to open and close, aren't spill-proof. The Dora & Diego straw cups by Munchkin seemed to be good at first, but they have started ERUPTING after sitting for a while (I guess as they warm up, they get too much pressure inside...). They also shoot out a bit of their contents every time you flip open the lid. Make that every time *I* flip open the lid, 'cause it's too hard for the kids to open it themselves.

If someone knows of a good spill-proof toddler cup that REALLY IS SPILL PROOF, please let me know.

Or should I just plan to live with eternal chocolate milk spots everywhere we go?


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I have much to say on this matter, but as my child also refuses all but the "straw" kind (which I prefer anyway, because it's better for teach and learning to talk, per Amalah, who, yes, is not an expert in any way, but fairly trustworthy and funny, so that's where I get half of my parenting smarts...and since I can't identify the source of the other half...{rools eyes at self}), little of what I have to say is different than what you have to say in any significant way. So I'll share the little, virtually useless, bit of tips that might help marginally.

We use the cheaper Wal-mart version of the Nuby, so we can throw it out more often. We also discourage chewing on the straw by taking it away anytime he uses his teeth instead of his hands to hold it. (He doesn't, fortunately, seem to chew otherwise.) Finally, only milk and water (mostly water) go in sippy cups at my house. That way, he doesn't get tasty stuff in them that he wants more of, like chocolate milk, and doesn't therefore attempt to chew his way to it. Chocolate milk is only allowed from a straw, at a table, or from mommy's cup.

Also helpful, though admittedly not to you, he already has many of his teeth and thus far is not a biter. (He prefers hitting, slapping, kicking, and throwing heavy things. Gre-ate.)

BTW, I love reading your blog!

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Note the many typos in my post...I'm at Brien's and he has a fancy keyboard but I do not have fancy fingers. Hence, typos.

Mathochist said...

I am not a Wal-Mart shopper. (That is another post topic all to itself... perhaps another day...) And I do stop them from chewing on the straws whenever I see them doing it. They just always seem to get holes in them anyway. S has terrible teeth which have probably always hurt him, so he has always been a chewer. K is still cutting her 1st molars and probably eye teeth soon, so she has become a chewer as well...

We have to do chocolate milk in something shakeable, the kind of (dairy-free & non-peanut-contaminated) chocolate we have to buy does not lend itself to stirring with a spoon. For a while that was the only way I could get S to drink anything (besides nursing, and I can only stand so much of that, certainly not enough to keep a toddler hydrated!), so now we expect it in a straw sippee. It really wouldn't be a problem if they actually were spill-proof like they claim.

K is starting to hit people over the head with things. Where does this come from?!?!?!?

It is good to know I have a loyal reader. I was beginning to wonder. ;)

Hi Brien! ;)

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Often times I am not a Wal-mart shopper either. In fact, I wasn't for about five years straight. Mine is a long story, but suffice to say Alan totally supported my decision because he thought that if I ranted about Wal-mart and their evil ways any more, I would explode. :)

Now that I live in Prairieville and have a small child, I find my options much more limited. I hate that!

Mathochist said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks Wal-Mart is the end all, be all of shopping experiences. Y'all will be getting a Target soon, at Airline & 42, no?

Mamaebeth said...

my solution has basically been not to let JD walk around with sippy cups. we use the throw away kind pretty much exclusively and they do leak. if we need/want to give him a cup of something and not have it leak, we put it in his avent bottle with a sippy tip instead of a nipple. they usually don't leak unless you screw the lid on too tight.