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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My boy is smart!

Okay, a little mommy bragging. Please humor me. ;)

I had Sammy's speech evaluated the other day, because he's had trouble with beginning sounds on a lot of his words and I often have to make him repeat himself (sometimes a lot) to be able to understand him. The result was not bad - work with him on a few of the sounds he's not getting (he can say all the sounds except "g", just doesn't always get them right at the beginning of words) and call them back after he's 3 if he hasn't gotten any more understandable.

The warm fuzzy for me was, they (school nurse, school psychologist, & speech pathologist) were all astonished at how smart he is. I had told him early that morning that we had some friends coming over and they were going to listen to him talk, and we could show them the learning wall. So as soon as they came in he went over to it and waited for them. One of them started asking him questions about it - what is that (eyes), where are your eyes (he points to them), what is that shape (diamond)... I asked him if he could spell diamond for them and he said "Oh, o-TAY!" and pointed to all the letters and spelled it as fast as 6th grade spelling be student would have. The one that was standing next to me looked at me with big eyes and said "How old is he???" During most of the observation, he used complete sentences when he was talking. At the end, they asked me if I had any concerns about any other areas of his development. I said no, that it was really just that we both get very frustrated when I can't understand him. That I thought otherwise he might be a little advanced for his age, but maybe I was just prejudiced because I was his mom. They all laughed and shook their heads, and assured me that it was not just me.

The only other almost-3-year-old I have spent any amount of time with was Rachel, (another baby genius!) who was pretty comparable in advancement, so I really wasn't sure...

Yesterday morning I was spelling dog for Katie and he told me "c-o-w spells cow." Without having anything to look at!!!

Now, I figured with two G/T, LSMSA-grad parents, our kids might be a little bright, but I am completely amazed at how smart this boy is, and how much he wants to learn letters, words, etc!

P.S., Be assured - his alphabet-singing, "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear" book reciting sister is not far behind! (MawMaw will appreciate that one, as A- she's the one who gave us the book, and B - I probably made her read that book to me a hundred million times when I was a toddler!)

P.P.S. I hope my bad grammar and lack of appropriate punctuation doesn't make Marie's head spin! (It's my blog and I can be as lazy and hurried as I want! ;)

1 comment:

Mamaebeth said...

wow, that's awesome!

While i intend to have JD tested for gifted and a gt elementary school is on my list of possibles... i don't think JD is gifted. probably talented but not gifted. oh, he's smart, just not gifted i don't think. phillip disagrees with me and really only time will tell.