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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things that might coax the wee one out

This topic has come up about 5 times in the last week, so I thought I'd list here the things I've heard of to help get labor going. From what I have heard, these should only work if the baby is actually ready to come out. (But just in case, I wouldn't try most of them until you were sure both you and the baby were ready! Definitely not before 37 weeks!) I am not going to explain why they work or how to do them, just list them. If you want to research it more, I'm sure Google would be glad to help you.
  • Seamen on the cervix (yes I spelled that wrong on purpose, in hopes of keeping pervy commentors away) My doc likes to call this one "husband-induced labor"
  • N!pple stimulation (substitute "i" for "!", same reason as above)
  • Drink lots of raspberry leaf tea
  • Foot & ankle massage (a fairly aggressive one, not a relaxing one); make sure to hit 4th & 5th toes & the area above the inner-ankles
  • Massage the muscle next to the loose skin between your thumb & 1st finger
  • Evening primrose oil vag. suppositories
  • Chiropractic adjustment of the pelvic area
  • Acupuncture (There are specific points that need attention, so make sure you find someone who is has experience with what you are trying to do)
  • Walk, walk, walk!
  • If you live near a mountain, take a drive to a higher altitude (short enough that you can make it back to your hospital if you need to!)
  • Have your OB "strip your membranes" (Warning: not exactly a fun experience!)

1 comment:

FloridaWife said...

Ug. Don't know if you remember that I went through all this 8 months ago. He came one day after due date. Actually after midnight, so he was one day plus a few minutes. He came at HIS time. Hope yours comes soon. Like NOW!!!!!!!! I know what it's like to wait and have all the pressure of people wanting you to induce. Ag!