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Saturday, January 03, 2009

No, in fact, we haven't picked a name yet...

(And thanks for not asking, because I was getting tired of the question.)

Actually, that's not true. We've all 4 picked a name. But they are all DIFFERENT names, and we cannot all completely agree on a name...
  • The Daddy, who thinks it is very important to name kids after relatives, likes "Calvin" after his grandpa John Calvin (Grampy's dad). The Catholic mommy just cannot bring herself to name a baby Calvin. Even if it is really after his own great-grandpa.
  • The Mommy, who thinks it is very important for kids to have a good saint or biblical name, likes "John Paul" after Grampy (John Richard), both the Daddy's grandpas (John Calvin & John Jefferson), the Daddy's grandma (Pauline, Grammy's mom), the last pope, and the NT Bible writer who has inspired her the most. The Daddy, being the only non-John male in his family, understandably doesn't want to name his son John. Even though the Mommy planned all along to call him "JP" or "Pauly" or "Paul"
  • The Brother likes "Calvin" the best. But he also likes "John Paul"
  • The Sister's favorite is "Benny" after the Mommy's grandpa Eldred Ben (MawMaw's dad) and his son (MawMaw's brother) Ben who died of lukemia at age 1. And she is already calling him Benny. But she also really likes both "John Paul" and "Calvin." (Her exact words about both were, "Mama, I **WUV** dat name!!!")

Since the Brother named the Sister, the Mommy thinks it is only fair that the Sister should get to name Little Brother. (But, the Mommy should probably admit that she only started thinking this once the Sister decided she liked Benny better than Calvin. At one point Mommy was outvoted on Calvin 3-1. Before that everybody but Daddy liked JP and Daddy was outvoted 3-1...) The Sister, who now understands that her Brother named her, also jumped to this logical conclusion herself. (Pretty impressive critical thinking for a 2.5 year old, if you ask me!)

If we do go with Benny, will he be Benjamin (like Mommy likes)? Or Bennett (like Daddy likes)? Or Benedict (like the uncle suggested, only he was being silly and meant the traitor, whereas we would mean the Pope)? Or just plain Ben? Then what middle name would go with it? Mommy likes Benjamin Paul, but when she suggested it to the Daddy, he said "Yeah... we could call him BP" (And pronounced it "beepy." And I bet he would, too.)

Mommy's next choice would be to name him William Ireland after the Jesuit martyr who is a great-great-...-great uncle in the (Protestant) Daddy's ancestry line. Other names the Mommy would agree to: Paul, Andrew, Joseph, Thomas, Michael, Daniel, David, Jacob. (Matthew was also high on Mommy's list, but a close friend due a few weeks after us picked that name for their little boy.)

Grandpas we could draw names from: Steven Mark, Samuel Bernard, Eldred Ben, Stanley Louis, John Richard, John Jefferson, John Calvin. We could also name him Gerald or Paul after the Daddy's grandmas Geraldine & Pauline.
Uncles & Great-Uncles we could draw names from: Scott Micheal, John Richard, Daniel, David, Tommy (both sides), Richard (both sides), Ben, Tracy

The Daddy's input is severely lacking (except for smart-alec remarks to names the Mommy really likes)...

The mommy is getting more and more stressed about not having a name...

Feel free to comment. (Sometimes commenting on other peoples' baby names can be more dangerous than commenting on politics, but I would like to hear what some of you have to say...)


Sharon said...

I'm with you, don't care for the name Calvin at all! (but then it's not my baby or decision) Before we were pregnant, we had names picked out for a boy (Brian David) and a girl (Wendy Lynelle) - well, as you know, we didn't use either one of those. Mandy was three days old before she had a name. When I first saw her (I was under the influence of anesthesia, c-section) I told Dan she looked like a Stella Yvette! Can you imagine? I wanted to name her Trisha Pauline (after both grandmas) but Dan's mother said "you give that baby her own name!" (maybe you could use that on Jeff, it was his grandma that said it! lol) Brandon was also three days old before he had a name - I wanted to name him Jared but Dan said "no more J names for this family". (then of course after Brandon was born, there were several other members born into the family with names that begin with J) I just had this thing that I had to SEE the baby before I could name them. I'm sure baby boy Carpenter will have a wonderful name.

janechauvin said...

We didn't have a name for Connor until he was born. I finally pulled the "I've carried this baby for nine months so I have more input" card and got Connor Davis over DH's wanted name (I hated it but won't say what it is for fear of offending!). Davis was my grandmother's maiden name. John Krieg is John from my grandfather and Krieg from Charlie's mom's maiden name.

Additionally, we did have names picked out for both boy and girl until the gender ultrasound. At that time I immediately disliked the boy name and moved on. I think a nurse at Children's Hospital actually suggested Connor when we went for John's infusion 5 days before Connor was born.

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I have always loved Bennett and Benjamin. As a Boxberger, it is obviously why I didn't use those names. But they were at the top of my list.

I do think John Paul is too common (though it really does fit your family well). Benedict is a nice compromise.

Beepy is just wrong, but then so is Loki. ;)

arlawless said...

Hi Stacy,

It's Molly from CF-MAI. You're so close! Congrats!

I just had to chime in and tell you that my nephew's name is Benjamin Paul, so I'm partial to that one. I think it's a very pretty name. :-)

Enjoy your final days of pregnancy (especially the kicking)! I miss it so much!!

Looking forward to your announcement,

Mathochist said...

Sharon: thanks for sharing the story about Jeff's grandma. I only know facts about her, not much about her personality, so that kind of gave me a clue. :) Although I will STILL name this baby Paul in honor of her if I get the chance. :)

Jane: Thanks for stopping by! I like the names you picked/how you arrived at them. We were writing down every form of Catherine, Kaitlyn, etc with all kinds of mddle names in between contractions in the hospital to figure out what Katie's full name was going to be... (We ended up with Katherine Marie.)

K, I would have totally used those names if I were you. I love alliterative names! (like Katie C...) And Loki is not nearly as wrong as Loch Box!

Hi, Molly! Thanks for the input. Too bad I can't just take votes and tell DH "See, everyone likes *my* names best!" :) (J/k! Would NEVER do that!!!)