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Sunday, January 04, 2009

38 weeks

Today is the day in Katie's pregnancy when I got induced. (At least according to the Dr. & u/s. That was back when I was good about charting, though, and I *know* it was 37 weeks.)

We are getting closer and closer. The BH contractions, while still very irregular, are getting nice and strong. Some of them are strong enough to make me be still until they are over. I am starting to feel some pressure way down low and will be *really* surprised if I am still at 0 on Wed.

Something is different today. I tried to make a "tunnel" for Katie on the stairs (put both my hands and feet on the stairs, 3-4 steps apart, and she crawls under me) like I always do and it was very uncomfortable. My belly and my thighs were competing for the same space, and neither one of them were happy about it. It felt like he had popped "out" more, away from my spine and out in the front of me.

I am not feeling as anxious about the name thing this morning as I was last night. It must have been a side effect of being up too late!

The Daddy and I did the first half of the baptism class at church yesterday morning. It doesn't seem like that long ago we did it with a 3 week old baby boy in tow... They've changed the format of the class, and I am definitely looking forward to the 2nd half next weekend.

Afternoon nap time has become something of a requirement for me the last week or two. My big kids, however, quit napping about 5 minutes after I got pregnant. So I lie on their bed and pretend to watch a movie with them (latest favorites are Madagascar and Over the Hedge) but really I sleep. That's OK. I appreciate every little bit I can get. I know I will soon have a month or two or three where sleep will be a long-forgotten thing of the past.

The MawMaw and PawPaw arrive some time on Wed. That is also when my next checkup is.

If I had anything else to say, I have forgotten it...

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