My how time flies!

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Diaper Envy

BumGenius! has some new colors and I want some!!!


Kerry said...

I miss cloth diapering! Those are some cute colors too.

Is potty training time (coming soon I pray) a good time to go back to cloth? LOL Mike would kill me, seeing how I sold everything I had for cloth diapering to you :)

Mathochist said...

Oh how I wish I weren't still USING THEM and could loan them back to you!!! I don't know if that would just be confusing for Z, though...

The method I've heard has the most success is spending a weekend naked, on hard floor, and practice practice practice. And give salty snacks as rewards so he will want to drink more so he will get even more practice. I started to try that method in Aug but was too tired/frustrated to follow through. And now I can't bend over to clean up the messes. Maybe in Feb or Mar when the little brother newness has worn off and we have a new routine back. (Ha! Like we ever have a routine!)

Last night I switched Sammy to the Thirsties covers (they FINALLY fit him without scratching holes in his belly!) with the prefolds. I was tired of the bikininess of the FBs, and the covers have a *little* more length to them. Also some people say using prefolds & wraps, or fitted diapers with no stay-dry lining, is good for potty training, because they feel wet immediately and it helps them notice when they're wetting. So far he doesn't seem to notice or care, though.