My how time flies!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last night with Bili-light?

My little glow-worm! His bili levels were 13.0 today. They were as high as 18.4 a few days ago. We will be glad to be rid of these lights soon!

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Kerry said...

Yea! His levels are coming down nicely. Praying he will be off the lights and unplugged soon!

Mommy to Ander and Loki said...

Oh, they'll let him off, for sure. And your bili lights, BTW, are a TON nicer than ours. Loki was in a straight-jacket strapped to a bed. :(

Mathochist said...

Yesterday he got down to 12.0 and we got to take him off. Kristy, we had the bed, too. That was just the "blanket" that I was supposed to use while nursing or holding him, and put on top of him while he was in the bed. He didn't fit in the straight jacket part, either. I just had it velcroed over him.

I was *supposed* to keep him in the bed all the time except for nursing, bathing, etc. Whatever!!! I kept him in it as much as I could, but not nearly as much as they thought I should.