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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brief update

Not spending much time at the computer, still. Here is what's going on.
  • Benny is off the bili-lights as of Friday, his 1 week b-day. I was glad I remembered to take his 2nd PKU lab slip with me so we got 2 labs out of the 1 prick, and are DONE with the lab!
  • I REALLY enjoyed not having to go anywhere yesterday. (Especially since I didn't feel up to it.)
  • I dubbed yesterday "(Insert my last name here) big kid underwear day." I actually turned out to be "(Insert my last name here) big kid naked day." Katie made at least 3 #1s on the potty. Sammy made at least 3, on the carpet. And a #2 on the toddler bed mattress, which for some reason was out on the floor in their room. (And I'm glad, as it was a lot easier to clean up than the carpet!!!)
  • Today we had "The Great Potty Contest" - 1 sticker for #1, 2 stickers for #2. Sammy earned 3 stickers right off the bat by not emptying his whole bladder two different times. Pretty impressive for someone who wouldn't go near a potty 48 hours ago. He wouldn't go near it for his poop, though, and I had to clean it off the carpet. Yuck! Katie only earned 1 sticker. She just didn't care about the contest. And perhaps wasn't feeling well today, as she cried through half of my massage tonight and fell asleep on my lap at 8:30. (She is my little night owl and usually stays up until 10 or 11)
  • I started doubling up on my vitamins (taking every 12 hrs instead of 24) on Wed and felt much better Fri. Then I forgot to take any Fri and felt crummy again yesterday. I must be depleted in something or another. (And I guess that is why the recovery is so much harder this time...) At least I've been able to get through a couple of days with no nap, though.
  • In 1 week I get my house (and all its chores) back to myself. And my kids get their room back. I am both happy and sad about this.

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