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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rave: Melissa and Doug puzzles

I have not met a Melissa and Doug puzzle that I didn't love. What's more important, neither has Sammy. And our new one, the See & Spell, is no exception. I saw it when we were about to check out at Wild Oats this afternoon (Thursday is 10% military discount day, you know) and I couldn't resist. I had been wondering what the next step of learning for Sammy should be, since he can recognize all the letters (both upper and lower case), and this looked like a good place to proceed. And it was. He played with it ALL evening. He even chose to stay home and play with it rather than go to the park! He was so proud of himself for finding all the letters, and being able to say what they spelled (thanks to the nice big picture on each board). I can NOT believe my 2 year old is learning how to spell 3 and 4 letter words!

Other Melissa and Doug puzzles we have and love are

Some other M&D toys we'd like to get are

(you can also see these on my Amazon homeschooling wishlist; ask me if you would like the link)


Mamaebeth said...

i would like the link to your wish list.

Anonymous said...

the one ellery loves the most is the fruits and vegetables held together with velcro, complete with cutting board and knife. he loves to pretend he's cutting them up to cook for dinner!-misty