My how time flies!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Allergies... ugh!

I have discovered a new one. The grass in the back yard. I have mowed this grass 100 times, and not really had any problems from it. This year Jeff decided to let it go to seed to fill in the bare spots, and it is making me SOOOOO sick. I am sure it was the grass, because I was pretty sick last weekend when Rachel was here and we were playing outside (and would get worse when I was hugging the kids, who played outside a lot more than I did), I got better Tues-Thurs when we stayed inside, then Thurs night when I went outside and rolled with Sammy on the yoga ball (see pics from Rachel's visit) I got REALLLLLLLY bad. I am going through a box of tissue every day to day and a half. One eye is swollen half shut. I am about to delegate authority of the kids to the daddy and take a Benadryl, (which will put me out of commission most of the rest of the afternoon).


Kerry said...

You sure looked miserable this afternoon! I hope you get over the worst of the symptoms soon...definitely no fun!

Mathochist said...

Thanks! I never did get the Benadryl, but I did take half a dose of (pseudo) Sudafed about an hour ago, and correspondingly I am about 50% better. I don't think I'll REALLY get better until the allergen is gone. Apparently the seeds are not ripe enough yet and so I am going to have to suffer through this for another week or two. Maybe at some point he will realize that $3.00 worth of grass seed is a lot cheaper than the mama being sick as a dog!