My how time flies!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ah-ho, ee-ho, ace, eta, oh-ho!

Sammy came down the stairs today mumbling the (I thought) nonsense syllables that he sometimes does, only when he is coming down the stairs. It finally occurred to me that when he is not mumbling whatever this is, he is counting. So maybe he *is* counting. But what could he be counting? All of a sudden it hit me. DING! (I am so slow sometimes!)

A gold star to the first one of you who figures out what the title means, and another for whoever can figure out where he learned it.


Sharon said...

Spanish for 1-5?

Mathochist said...

Close... but he didn't start at 1. (At least not that I heard.)

Kerry said...

quatro cinco sace sieta ocho...can't spell em here but I'm thinking Dora's cousin what's his name helped with this string of numbers!

Mathochist said...

You got it, on both counts! (no pun intended!)

Kerry said...

how cool is that! I was really guessing, but Spanish jumped to mind the second I read the words in his language rather than mine :)