My how time flies!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Excitement ahead

Next weekend we are heading south(east) to visit family. First we are stopping to see Lance and Brooke, and play on their playset. This is what they looked like last time we were there. I bet they are much bigger now!

Then we are going to Jeff's mom's to attempt once again to unite all 4 of her kids and her 11 grandkids with her at the same time. She has been asking for this for several years, and we just haven't been able to do it yet. Although we're not really going to achieve it this time, as TJ and Ellen won't be able to make it. But hopefully everyone else will. This is the result of last year's attempt, minus Jeff, his dad, and Greg, who decided fish were more interesting that a house full of women and children. (And I was behind the camera, of course.)

Then Jeff has to come back to work, but the kids and I are going to head to LA for a week to visit my family, and meet Mason, the who is tied with Rachel for the third cutest baby ever.

Then my mom and brother (and maybe my grandma, and my cousin, and maybe???? one of my nieces???) are following us home in her car and my brother is going build us a playset of our own.


Sharon said...

Should be a lot of fun. I really hope that all four of the kids and the corresponding grandkids are able to make it this year. That would be so great for Nancy, I know she's been wanting that for so long. I know you won't let that opportunity pass to take tons of photos.... another thing that she has been asking for, a picture of the four of her kids together. Was the last one at your wedding?

Mathochist said...

Yes, it was. I was thinking that was the last time she had all her grandkids together too - 2 at that time - but then I remembered Jonathan wasn't there, because Denise wasn;t feeling well. (Jenna was on the way.) But I think there was a reunion where all the gkids were there, but Jeff wasn't because of work. Can't remember now...