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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weird illness

I think I changes upwards of 10 poopy diapers today. (I think) only 2 or 3 were Sammy's. Whatever Katie has, seems to be a repeat of that strange day- or two-long bug they had a week and a half ago. Sammy's poopy diapers were by no means normal, either. But not nearly as bad as Katie's. Poor baby's bottom is not just red, it's maroon! I finally had to dig out the paper diaper liners so I could slather her in Boudreaux's. (Diaper rash cream will do bad things to your cloth diapers. Like make them repel and leak. I've had enough gross stuff leaking out of diapers today, I don't need to add to the problem!!!) I'm sure the breastmilk I tried to squirt all over her bottom helped, some. At least she acted like it felt better. But not so that I could see from the fiery redness.

This seems to be the same bug that pretty much incapacitated me last Tuesday night. There is lots (and lots) of mostly liquid stools, quite a bit stomach pain (or at least I was in extreme pain. Akin to labor pains. Last time I didn't know anything was wrong with the kids, though. They acted fine. Except when there was poop running down their legs. This time Katie has had a couple of screaming episodes, though.)

And then there's the weird rash that only appears in a few places, but makes you itch all over. Sammy gets it on his hand, behind his thumb. Katie gets it on her inner arms, just above her elbows. I got it on my scalp, and my neck. It looks like mosquito bites - just a little raised and a little red.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

Tomorrow is the first day of TORCH co-op, in which we signed up Sammy for 2 of the 3 preschool classes. And I don't think we are going to be able to go. :( In fact, I think we might have to make a trip to see Dr. Dawson...

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