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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rave: File Folder Games

I was recently introduced to the concept of file folder games, and thought they were a really neat idea. And since I had about 200 empty file folders in the office, I decided to make some. I found some really nice pre-made ones online at All I had to do was print, cut, glue, and laminate. The kids love them!

I have to admit thought my MIL was a little crazy for buying me a Xyron 900 laminator after already buying me a hot laminator. But it is a great tool!!! I've been able to use that not just for lamination (and it makes a nice, softer lamination for the game pieces, not scratchy like the hard laminator), but for putting permanent adhesive on the back of the pieces that get stuck to the folder, and also on the back of a sandwich baggie to stick on the back of the folder and hold the game pieces. It also has a magnet-maker lamination cartridge that I used to make magnets of the kids' Christmas photo to send to all the family.

Here are some photos of Katie's (current) favorite file folder game:

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