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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I love co-sleeping!


What brought this comment on? I was reading this post on Kristy's blog, and it just made me think how much I LOVE having my kids in my room. I have always loved it, and I love it even more now that we moved the double bed in their corner. They know that's their bed, and they prefer it. And Daddy has enough room in his own bed now. (Thank God for a wonderful, understanding Daddy who knows the importance of being close to your little ones all night while they still need you to be!)

So here are a few things that I love about sharing sleep with my babies/toddlers:
  • They are so happy when they wake up and immediately see a loving face.
  • I don't have to get up, or even necessarily wake up, to nurse them if they need it. (which happily is getting less and less often!)
  • The other night, when Sammy started throwing up, I heard him right away and was immediately there to roll him over, comfort him, get him cleaned up, etc. (He had an allergic reaction to something. No idea what.)
  • I feel like it is easier for me to protect them in the same room, than if they were down the hall.
  • Babies thrive and grow better and are so much happier with lots of loving touch, and they get lots of it when you share sleep with them
  • If they have a nightmare, I am RIGHT THERE to comfort them, rather than them having to scream and cry and be scared and alone until I hear them and wake up and come stumbling down the hall. (And stub my toe in the dark, and trip over 15 toys on the way to their bed...)
  • And my favorite reason - they are warm and snuggly and cuddly!!! (It is very cold here in Colorado right now!!!)

It makes me happy... it makes them happy... We all sleep better in each other's vicinity... Some days (especially days like the one we had today) I just don't get why everyone doesn't do it!

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