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Friday, January 11, 2008

We are getting our basement finished

We are using J & J Construction's Build Your Own Basement program. The framing and heating/ventilation duct work are complete. The plumber is coming today. The electrician will come some time next week. After that we have to install the fire stop and then have our first round of inspections.

Cutting out the landing walls/door really opened up the main room.

This part of the room will be the kids' play area. (For those of you who have been in my house, this is under the dining room.)

This part (under the kitchen) will be the big kids' area, with a wet bar along the walls in that left corner, a window seat (reading nook) under the window next to it, a sofa right in front of where my brother's standing, and (eventually) a multi-media entertainment station on the left wall.

Here's a better view of that whole wall.

This will be the bathroom. I think we will be putting this cool tub into it. (Maybe now we will actually get some visitors!)

This will be the bedroom. It is under the living room. My awesome brother, who is helping us with parts of the project, is going to build a dresser into that little niche at the back of the room.

The bedroom from the other corner.

Another photo of the main room. You can see where they had to drop down the ceiling to go around all the pipes.

The kids are having a blast running through the walls, into the closet from the main room, through the door to the bedroom, out the door into the hall, back into the main room, repeat. And getting lots of exercise, which is good, because it has been too cold to go outside.

1 comment:

Marie said...

Oh my! A pristine, if unfinished, looking basement! I spent this afternoon scraping moldy carpet out of a corner where our shower had somehow leaked. What I wouldn't give for a dumpster or two and a chance for the "fresh" look in our nearly 100 year old basement!