My how time flies!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Day in My Life

For Kristy: Keeping a log is about my least favorite activity in the world. (Even worse than dishwashing duty at junior year cafeteria work service!!!) But since I am happy someone is interested in my day, I will try. For you. ;)

  • 6:30 Woken up to Sammy wanting something to eat. Go to crawl out of bed; Katie cries to nurse. Go over to her other side to nurse her. Notice world's most awful smell while nursing. All I can do not to puke. Also, haven't been this thirsty since I was pg with Sammy. (Must remember to drink extra water when a kid is sick!!!)
  • 6:40 Change world's nastiest diaper, trying not to vomit. (Thanks Dad for the help!) Thank myself for remembering to put a flushable liner in the diaper last time. Go to pee and notice nice big yellow diarrhea spot on my pants. Yuck!
  • Pee. (Surprised and alarmed at LSU-gold colored pee. Double yuck! Must must must remember to drink extra water when a kid is sick!!!)
  • Change pants. Go downstairs and rinse/pre-wash diapers on cold cycle. Scrub hands.
  • Make dad cheese toast. Make myself power breakfast gruel and try to drink water. Feed kids banana slices. Katie opens fridge, sees and asks for "toin." (corn) Give her a little applesauce cup with a teaspoon of cold corn kernels. Against my better judgement, but figure if she is asking for something, she is actually going to eat it. She did.
  • 7:31 Sing Super Why theme song upon request from Sammy. Change Sammy's diaper and run first wash of diapers. Think despairingly about all the other laundry waiting to be done. Nurse Katie while we all watch Super Why.
  • 7:45 Load dishwasher and run on rinse cycle to loosen up all the dried food. (My dishwasher does not work very well.)
  • 8:00 Called pediatrician, got after-hours message
  • 8:02 Called ped, was 5th in queue, got to hold for 10 or 15 min. Triage nurse convinced me to give it another day or two to see if she gets better, will leave message for doc in case she thinks we ought to come in. Also was advised to keep her on the "BRAT" diet and of course make sure she stays hydrated. Was a little dismayed at the tone in which she asked "She's almost 2 and still nursing?" but remembered that not everyone in the office is as educated or experienced with extended nursing as our ped is. Reminded myself how HAPPY I am to still be nursing her, and that she nurses more when she is not feeling well, otherwise she might be in real danger of being dehydrated.
  • While on hold go to bathroom and decide I might have milder version of whatever is plaguing Kate. Also notice spotting, remember date, suspect AF is coming in the next few days. Change underwear and grab (cloth) pantyliner.
  • 8:30 Checked a few blogs. Got cabinet bid via email and sent it to the printer.
  • 9:15 Run diapers on another hot wash to make sure they get clean. mean to start dishwasher with soap but get side-tracked by Katie wanting me to "oh-BEAN" the brown PlayDoh. Play PlayDoh with kids
  • 9:49 go upstairs to start this log. Make it to the landing.
  • 9:50 called down to "oh-BEAN" the blue PlayDoh. Play PlayDoh with kids
  • 10:15 asked to put on Leap Frog Math Circus video
  • 10:17 remember to put soap in and run dishwasher
  • 10:30 wrestle guilt over perpetuating the video addiction just so I can get a few minutes to myself to do something that REALLY isn't necessary in the grand scheme of things (i.e. type out the minute details of my day). Even if it is educational. Even if Math major mama is so proud that her barely 3 year old is fascinated by addition and subtraction and her nearly 2 year old can count to 14 by herself.
  • 10:34 Brush teeth. Put on bra and change shirt. Feel good that I am now fully dressed and it is before noon. Even if I didn't get a shower today. (Missed the shower. Sooo going to enjoy tomorrows!) Feel guilty that my video-glued kids are still in their PJs. Notice growing headache (dehydration?). Remind myself that I don't feel well either, mothering a sick nursing toddler is very taxing, and I should stop trying to accomplish anything normal today.
  • 10:50 Remembered to pick up cabinet specs/prices from the printer, punch holes, and bring downstairs to put in basement-finishing binder
  • 11:15 Nursed Katie, changed her diaper. Thanked God it was just wet, and her bottom wasn't nearly as red. Put clean diapers in dryer and poopy sheets/clothes in washer. Guzzled the rest of my 2nd 20 oz bottle of water. 2 down, 3 more to go.
  • 11:35 Left a comment on Kristy's blog. Felt like the dirtiest person on earth.
  • 11:40 Katie asked to take a bath. Figured it wasn't a bad idea, let her play in the tub, with some lavender (anti-germ) and geranium (skin-soothing) essential oils. Put away the 3 baskets of laundry constipation (clean clothes) while she played. Realized during the 1st basket that I hadn't prayed (formally) today so put our cool new rosary CD that Santa gave the family for Christmas in the player.
  • 11:55 While putting diaper on Katie, was amazed that she said 4 or 5 random of the Hail Mary words along with the CD. Wondered where she learned that from. Then realized that I include 3 Hail Mary's as part of our bedtime prayers (when I remember to do them, which I used to be good about, but lately haven't been.) Decided I must REALLY not feel well to not remember that...
  • Fed the kids banana, applesauce & crackers for lunch. Ate leftover jambalaya & white beans myself. (Did I mention my brother is an awesome cook?) Not a sausage fan, so Sammy ate some of my sausage. Katie found out Sammy had sausage and cried foul. So much for the BRAT diet.
  • At Katie's request, we painted with water colors. Sammy & I said "Whoopsie!!!" a lot because Katie thought it was the funniest word in the universe. Tried to get that giggle on video, but the battery was dead. Charged the video camera battery.
  • 1:53 Feeling headache even more. Put Dora video on my computer (the only one that will play stuff), vac'd the bedroom/master bath, and tried to rest
  • 2:15 let the ADT guy in to move the wire that was routed wrong when they replaced our system last Mar. He found 4 others that were also in the wrong place (should be behind the basement framing but are in front of it in some way or another; we can't put up sheetrock with them like that). He wasn't scheduled here for long enough to fix it, so I had to call ADT back and schedule a tech to come out.
  • 2:50 nursed Katie to sleep (finally she succumbed! had been fighting sleep all day!). folded diapers. rebooted laundry. Listened to a talk on CD while I did all this.
  • Realized I was feeling/thinking quite negatively, decided it's because I didn't feel well and was stressed out about sick kid. Resolved to nip negative thoughts in the bud.
  • 5:00 Greeted DH.
  • Finished 5th 20-oz bottle of water but still fighting headache. :( Maybe it's eye strain... Or was it only the 4th bottle? I suck at keeping track of things. (Which is why I hate keeping frickalickin logs!) (Oh, wait, that wasn't a very positive thought, was it?)
  • 5:40 Kicked my brother off my computer so I could have it back to check email and update this log. Trying to decide if I am going to go to the SAFE Environment Training for the Co-Op, since this is likely to be the only one at a time when Dad can watch kids, or if I just give up the headache fight and go to bed.
  • 5:45 Feed kids hot dogs and pear slices for dinner.
  • 6:30 go to SAFE training. Over kids's screaming, tell Dad to call me in 15 minutes and let me know if I should turn around or not. Happily, they were fine withing 5 minutes of me leaving. (Wasn't sure they would be, with Katie being sick and Sammy being napless and cranky.)
  • 9:45 get home to find Sammy nearly asleep in tub, naked Katie and Dad reading on the bathroom floor. Apparently the bath water and the diaper rash were a bad combination tonight. Help kids to sleep, grab a bite to eat, hit computer, about to head to bed myself.

I'm sure there was more in there. A couple of snacks I didn't mention... Getting my new bras washed and hung to dry. Reading books with the kids... I actually accomplished quite a bit for me not feeling 100%.


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I really think your log is the most detailed of all. Thanks!!!

Did you learn anything about yourself from keeping a log, at least? I learned that I don't have a good morning routine down, so everything gets down haphazardly and things get missed. I also learned that when I get stressed, I eat chocolate. (Okay, not a huge WOW, but still, I confirmed it.) And I learned how my evenings get sucked away with computers and tv.

Mathochist said...

I learned that the FlyLady and Holly Pierlot are right - if you do what you need to do around the house (dishes, pick up toys, etc), regardless of whether you feel "up to it," you will mentally feel better for it having been done. Also the FlyLady's advice to play with your kids for 10 or 15 min and then work on the house for 10 or 15 min, and keep alternating between the two, is RIGHT ON!

I also re-learned that I spend too much time on the computer, I let my kids watch too many videos and play too many computer games, I hate keeping logs, and I should not eat bread because I am allergic to yeast and it give me terrible reflux.