My how time flies!

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Monday, May 28, 2007


Some of the random times I have caught the silliness of toddlerhood on film. (Er, uh... on disk. I haven't used actual film in about 8 years...)

10/5/2006 - Sammy fell asleep playing in Katie's carrier. Later that day Katie nearly wiggled herself out of her swing.

3/17/07 - When we went to check the mail, Sammy said he wanted to walk. So I took the single stroller. When we left the mailbox, he insisted he wanted to "diiiide... in go-go!" I couldn't convince him there was no room for him - apparently because that wasn't true!

3/23/07 - Katie found herself a new place to sit to watch her videos. ON her videos!

3/28/2007 - What kid hasn't had fun playing in Mommy's kitchen cabinets?

4/19/07 - or any other cabinet they can fit in!

4/16/07 - Katie figured out how to open the sidewalk chalk all by herself...

... Mama figured this fact out from the green tongue!

4/22/07 - Katie is a fast little monkey! I had barely turned around before she climbed up on my computer table.

5/12/2007 - This is the day Katie finally decided applesauce was edible. She stole Sammy's off the snack table and made off with it. (To get the full effect, make sure to click on the images to see the larger ones!) Spoon??? What's that? ;)

5/23/2007 - I find baskets and boxes to store the kids' toys in, and what do they do? They take the toys out, and play with, or in, the boxes and baskets!

5/25/07 - Sammy was so exhausted, he fell asleep mid-draw in Daddy's lap!


Sharon said...

Love the pictures of Katie and the incredible, edible applesauce. Those are priceless!

Yeah, kids love kitchen cabinets don't they? I have a bunch of Bubba when he crawled in ours.

Is Jeff asleep in the photo with Sammy and Katie in his lap? Could just be the angle but it looks like he's nodded off like Sammy.

Mathochist said...

No, he wasn't asleep. Just snuggling. Although I think he purposely closed his eyes for the pic.

Teri said...

I am glad that you created this space to keep updated. The kiddoes are growing so fast. Great pics! Sorry we missed you last weekend when you were in Santa Fe...I worked from home and had no idea you were coming time, though