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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Peterson Air & Space Museum

Thursday we went to the Peterson Air & Space Museum with my friend Amanda and her daycare kids. As the tour was finishing up, Daddy called us to see if we wanted to join him for lunch, and we were both surprised to find out we were already within 2 block of each other. It was a very nice morning!

The kids loved seeing all the airplanes.

Katie (still sporting her red amoxicillin reaction) & Sammy

For some reason, Sammy really liked this bomb. I guess he thought it was kid-sized, at least compared to all the other things he was seeing.

Amanda and her daycare kids.

Amanda's son Jeremy checking out what's behind the door.

Lily and Sammy touching a plane.

One size comparison...

...and another

Waiting our turn to go inside the big spy plane.

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