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Monday, November 29, 2010

A Year Without - Day 7

Still feeling blah today, although I did manage to actually get some stuff done. This morning we cleaned the "grown-up" half of the big room in the basement. I.e. reclaimed it from all the toys that had migrated over but weren't supposed to be there.

Some time in the last few months, we started catching a Denver PBS station (12) in addition to our local one. While we were in the basement, I re-searched for channels on that box, and was surprised that it found it. There was a lot of interference, though. We really need a stronger antenna for that location.

We had leftover turkey and green beans for lunch. And Katie had her favorite "cucumbeh salad" with the last cucumber.

This evening we had dance class. We managed to forget the shoe bag, and I didn't realize it until we were 5 minutes down the road. So we had to turn around, and that made us really late. I hate being late!

On the way home, in the 22-degree freezing cold, Benny, for unbeknownst reasons, refused to get buckled. And fought with me for at least 5 minutes until I could force him into his buckles. NOT FUN. I look forward to getting a minivan so I can get it, get the heater going, and buckle the kids in from INSIDE the vehicle.

That pretty much sapped the little bit of energy I'd managed to muster. I stopped at our favorite drive-thru, Monica's Tacos, for supper. They only gave me one order of beans instead of two, and they put cheese on the beans in my burrito plate, when I specifically asked for "No cheese on anything." Is it Monday?

This evening the kids watched Bob the Builder on Netflix in the basement while I Skyped with my mom, and worked on a photo project for a friend. (And tried to watch House, but it was a rerun.) Then everyone got a bath (well, everyone but mom) and we went to bed. The closest thing we've had so far to an ordinary day.

On the way up the stairs, and every time I got out of the rocking chair today, I noticed that my belly was feeling really heavy. The baby must have had a growth spurt yesterday. Maybe that explains why had no energy!

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