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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Year Without - Day 2

Today went by pretty quickly. Poor Rachel got woken up when B made me go downstairs for something to "eeeeeat! Me eeeeeat!" and "ink! Mama ink!" about 6:30. The other kids weren't too far behind in waking. We had a nice and leisurely breakfast of oat bran (which B won't eat), eggs (which S can't eat), and toast (which K won't eat). But I couldn't get it ready fast enough for hungry B, who found the leftover blueberry pie on the countertop, and kept saying, "Pie-ee!" over and over and over. I never did manage to convince him that we were saving the pie for after lunch. But eventually he realized I wasn't going to give him any now, and ate what I gave him. (But when he wasn't looking, I stirred some of the juice and blueberries into my and Sammy's oat bran. Sneaky mommy!)

David and Robyn slept in a little, despite the kid noise, which was good, since they didn't arrive until close to 2.

I didn't get to go shopping for the last-minute groceries the day before, with all the cleaning, and the being too sad to get dressed, but that worked out OK. The bigs stayed home and played with Rachel, and Robyn decided to accompany me to Costco.

Just as I was getting ready to leave, my computer started mysteriously ringing. It was The Daddy. Hooray for Skype! It was so nice to see his face, and hear his voice. He had finally arrived at his hotel in Doha, Qatar. It was about 11:00 here, so the poor guy had been travelling for 30 hours. All the kids got to say hi to him. I could have talked all day, but I could tell he desperately needed sleep. And the groceries weren't going to get themselves. He said he'd call again when he could. I hope he is able to call before he checks out of the hotel in another few hours. Yes, I'll be asleep, but it may be the last chance he gets for a reliable internet connection for quite a while.

I made my first apple pie this evening, while the guests caught a nap. (Or maybe it was my second. I can't remember.) I used the bought crust, so it wasn't homemade. But that was the plan all along. There's only so much I can do in one day. I did slice and peel the apples myself. David has Type 2 diabetes, so I had to use splenda instead of sugar. (We usually try to stay away from the artificial chemicals around here.) All I did was mix the apples, some Splenda, a generous helping of cinnamon, and a couple of teaspoons of No-Egg (for thickener) around in bowl. I even figured out how to lattice the top. When I pulled the extra crust from around the sides, a bit of inspiration hit.

(Unfortunately, I am no artist, and it turned out looking more like a cherry than an apple. And next time I need to remember to use more apples/make a heaping mound under the crust. The pie was a little too sunken.)

Robyn introduced me to cranberry relish tonight. Wow! All I could say was, "Why would anyone eat canned cranberry CRAP when they could have this?!?!?!" It was amazing. So fresh. So REAL FOOD. All she did was mix a bag of cranberries, an orange, 3-4 cups of pecans, and a bit of Splenda (again, we would normally use turbinado or honey or something around here. But we didn't want to upset David's blood sugar) in a food processor. It was a good thing she made such a big batch, because Rachel had a bowl of it as soon as she figured out what was going on in the kitchen. ;)

The kids had a fabulous time playing with Rachel today. Sammy showed her some Wii games, and Katie played with the Dora toys that Rachel had handed down to her last year or the year before. Katie was hanging on her all day. And Rachel was eating it up. It warms my heart so much to see them loving on each other.

The B decided today that he no longer wears diapers. Occasionally he'd been wearing Sammy's "pu'ups" after bath, just like Sammy. Today there was no diapering. Any time I mentioned the word diaper, the reply was an adamant "Pu'up!!!!" So while we were at Costco, I bought him some in his size. I am not happy AT ALL about this development. I didn't (and don't want to) factor the cost of multiple daily pull-ups into the budget. And I don't want to think about those nasty chemicals on my baby's bottom. But even the pull-up-type cloth we have is still a diaper to him. And he is INSISTENT! I guess next week we might have to start really working on the potty thing, to see if we can make these things last longer. Changing poopy pullups is only slightly worse than changing poopy underwear. (Hmmm, there's a thought. I wonder if he'd wear the training underwear if I pulled it out of storage. I might try that if I can ever get caught up on the laundry.) Oh, and I wish Huggies would print the sizes on these stinkin' things!

Today, again, we were a little too busy to be sad about the absent Daddy. But in retrospect, his presence was greatly missed. I couldn't help thinking how he would have been sitting in his rocking chair, telling stories with David all day long, chasing the kids, catching my eye and giving me a bit of a smile when he thought nobody was looking. I hope he is getting some good rest in that hotel bed right now. No telling what kind of accommodations he will have when he gets to his final destination.

Love you, honey!

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