My how time flies!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Year Without - Day 5

I deemed today "catch-up day." There was so much laundry to be done. At least 4 loads lurking on my bathroom floor, 2 comforters and a sleeping bag littering the laundry room floor, plus random pieces strewn all over the house. (Have you ever played the "Nanny Mania" game? I used to think it was rather far-fetched, until my kids started getting big enough to undress themselves, and help themselves to things in the kitchen!) I am not usually this bad about washing the laundry (putting it away, yes, but not washing it), but I got behind when I had to wash so many sheets, etc. during last week's stomach virus. I also had an extra load or two of dirty dishes, due to being more interested in visiting with my company than cleaning my house during the short time they were here. I did well until about 3:30 p.m., when I just lost all my steam. Oh well. There is always tomorrow to finish. Or next week.

Today we introduced two of our friends to Skype. Kerry has an Android phone, and I was/am curious how its Skype app works, since that is the kind of phone I hope to get when I can finally replace my Palm Treo dinosaur, so I convinced her to set up an account. We chatted on our computers for a little while, and hopefully will get to try the phone here in the coming week. Then I had the brilliant idea to ask my Roomie if she had Skype. She didn't, but set it up, and we were able to chat with AND SEE her and Mason this afternoon. That was fun!!! I am sure we will be doing it on a regular basis, if we can mesh our schedules.

Poor B, both times he heard the Skype ring today, came running to computer, excitedly saying "Daaaaaaaaaad!!!" And was a bit sad when I told him it was not Dad, but someone else.

On the "Pu'up" front, B is still adamant about only wearing them, and not diapers. I suppose after almost a week of this, I should admit defeat and pack up the diapers to get them out of the way.

This evening as I was nursing B to sleep, I noticed that my Skype online status was set to "invisible." I wondered if that was why I hadn't heard from my hubby. I changed it. Hopefully I will get a call from him tonight.

A little later, while I was writing this post, Katie came running up to my bedroom from the basement, with tears in her eyes, saying "I thought you were gone!" I can see I'm not the only one severely missing The Daddy.

When he was going to bed, Sammy couldn't find his most favorite stuffed animal "Ophiana," an echidna we got from our Australian IACE exchange cadets back when we lived in NM, nor the "comic book" that Aunt Robyn had helped him write while they were here, which he desperately wanted for a bedtime story. This ensued a 30+ minute failure of a search, all over the house. Eventually I convinced him to give up, but not without many tears.

Overall I think I can safely say we are hanging in there pretty well so far. Yes, everyone is more emotional than usual, and yes, we are experiencing a lot more tears. But with love and hugs and prayers, I think we will get through it.


Kerry said...

My eyes are getting leaky, just reading about your "tough" day. I'm sure there will be worse days and I KNOW there will be better ones to come. We'll just up the prayers on the hard days!!

My sister has skype (as you know, since we hung up for me to talk to her) but silly goose, she had no web cam OR microphone! Did you know, in that case, that you can use it to chat? We did that while she messed with settings and tried to figure stuff out on her end. Eventually she got Danie's mini lap top (just like mine) and we were able to Skype like normal people! In fact, I was in the kitchen making food so it was a "cooking show" of sorts! LOL That was lots of fun.
At one point we figured out Skype on the Droid. It's basically a phone video to see the other caller. I read the terms as I agreed to stuff - you are charged wireless minutes (in my case Verizon) for calls in the US and then Skype charges you for outside the US calls. So, it's not really that great, except that if you were not home when Daddy was able to call, you would have the ability to answer your phone and talk directly. On his end, I'm not sure of the advantages as he'd need a signal to use the phone/app. It was a nice extra, but not something I would have been looking specifically for in getting a new phone.

Kerry said...

oh...back to my sister. She's got the iPad and even called me from that last night. Left me a voice message via Skype since we were still visiting with the family.

Mathochist said...

Oh, it wasn't that tough for me yesterday. Just the overtired, overstimulated kids. (Now today is probably a different story...)

Thanks for figuring out the phone app! Being charged cell phone minutes (I never come close to using all of them in a month anyway) is preferable over paying for a monthly Skype subscription to have calls I miss on the computer forwarded to my cell phone, I think.

That's neat that the iPad will do Skype.