My how time flies!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

King Cake!!!

Funjackal, you are an evil genius! My whole family thanks you! (Except maybe Benny, who will let me know, quite loudly, about the milk in this thing every 2-3 hours tonight.)

I got the baby in my first bite. The first time I was actually hoping someone else would get it, I finally get it! Oh well. The kids think it's funny that I got it. Katie has been talking about it coming out of my teeth all night. And a few minutes ago, I heard Sammy singing a song about Mama having to buy the next cake. :)

(Somebody needs to tell that FedEx driver not to leave a box with "King Cake" in 300 pt colored font, leaning up on it's side!!!)
(Please excuse the mess on the kitchen floor. We had a bit of a plumbing incident today.)
(While I'm at it, please excuse the mess everywhere else. I played with my babies today.)

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Kerry said...

You'll have to explain the baby part to me...I've never heard of King cake.

Glad the plumbing issue is fixed! What happened?

Playing with the babies is what you should do. Letting me and others come help pick up the house is a good thing :)

Mathochist said...

The faucet started leaking from the bottom of the on/off handle. And left a BIG puddle all over the cabinet under the sink.

Thanks! :)

Sharon said...

I've never had a King cake. Is that cream cheese filling? Looks yummy. I agree, playing with the kids is much more important than cleaning house! They'll only be little for a short time.....

Mathochist said...

It is pecan praline filling. And it is very yummy! I think I like the plain ones the best, though. I can't believe you've never had one!