My how time flies!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Benny is in the hospital

Benny came down with something on Sunday evening, that his Daddy had been sick with since last Thursday. He got progressively worse each day. Wednesday night was really hard for us. He woke up crying at least a dozen times. I would try to clean out his nose with saline and the bulb syringe, but couldn't get anything out. It didn't help that I started coming down with it myself on Monday, and was tired and cranky.

Yesterday we found out it was RSV. They admitted him to the hospital immediately. He is doing OK, on oxygen, and getting all the nasty mucous suctioned out every once in a while. But his lungs have stayed clear, and he hasn't needed any breathing treatments. We both got much better rest last night than we've had in at least 3 nights. We'll probably be here at least one more night.

I miss my big kids. :(

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