My how time flies!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Torn up

My MIL's awesome craft room is being disassembled this weekend. I don't envy my SILs the job. There is a lot of stuff in there. It makes me sad to think that it won't all be together anymore. It makes me sad that there's probably a lot of stuff in there I would have wanted, if I hadn't been too sad to really poke around all the drawers, shelves, and cubbies while I was there last week. It makes me sad that there are all kinds of paper crafting things I could have learned from my MIL if only I had lived closer or been able to visit more often...


Sharon said...

It makes me sad too...... even though we lived far apart, she emailed every morning and I really, really miss that! I miss her. And you're right, that's gonna be quite a job to take that room apart.

Mathochist said...

I know, I thought about her emailing you every morning a couple of months ago when I stopped getting emails from her. And was sad for you.