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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Do you agree with Obama?

I am usually quite the news/politics ostrich, preferring to let my husband be my filter for such things (so as not to aggrivate my anxiety and reflux to unmanageable levels). So I found this test very insightful:

My score: "You DISAGREED with the Barack Obama position on 45 of the 48 test questions. This means you disagree with the Obama position 94% of the time."

I already knew I couldn't vote for him, based on his views on abortion (because, really, if we don't have the right to exist, what the heck do all our other rights mean? Nothing!) and his history of voting to deny medical care to viable babies born alive after botched abortions. But it was very interesting to see in writing what his stances on other issues are. Or maybe I should say very depressing. I pray that he is not the one elected in the fall!
(For the really curious, the 3 questions I agreed with him on were tax increase on fossil fuels, tariff on imported ethanol, and should it be illegal for convicts on probation or on bail to have contact with a street gang. The latter was probably only because of the wording...)


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I definitely think you should not vote for Obama, based on what I know about your politics. You need to vote your conscience!

That said, I looked at the quiz, and the wording of the questions was extremely biased against Democratic (party) ideals.

Mamaebeth said...

when i first heard about this viable aborted babies brouhaha, i was very skeptical. the version of the story i heard was too absurd to be true. there is an article on beliefnet about the issue that i found very insightful.
i almost blogged it at the time, but decided i didn't really want to get into politics.

Mathochist said...

Yeah, I noticed that the wording was pretty biased. And consciously thought about what the issue was beyond the biased wording when I made my choices. Biased wording or not, though, it was very eye-opening for me (which was the whole point of me posting about it).

Thanks for the link, E.